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  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 2/27/2024
  • Reviewed: 5/28/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board delegates the responsibilities of assignment of personnel to the District Administration.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration delegates the responsibility for the placement of all personnel to the Human Resources department.  This shall be done in cooperation with the school principal or the immediate supervisor.  Grade and subject assignment shall be made by the school principal.

    1. Considerations for Placement of Personnel
      1. Assignments of teachers shall take into consideration the best interests of the students, teachers, team, department, and school without undue personal bias.
      2. Licensed personnel shall be notified of school placement and grade and subject assignments as early as possible.
      3. As far as possible, teachers shall be assigned within the field of their training and experience.
      4. The school administrator shall involve the staff in teacher placement to the degree he/she feels is appropriate and without abrogating his/her responsibility.
      5. Employee requests for specific assignments shall be given consideration; however, the final decision is made by the principal or administrator.


Revision history: 3/26/85, 9/8/09

2/25/2020: Board of Education approved the term “Education Support Professionals” to replace “Classified” to describe personnel not licensed as educators.