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DP305 – Placement and Assignment of Personnel

  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 5/28/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board delegates the responsibilities of value and assignment of personnel to the District Administration.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration delegates the responsibility for the placement of all personnel in the District to the Human Resources Department.  This shall be done in cooperation with the school principal or the immediate supervisor.  Grade and subject assignment shall be made by the school principal.

    1. Major Consideration for Placement of Licensed Personnel
      1. When considering the placement and assignment of teachers, the welfare of the child shall be of major importance.  However, the teacher preference shall also be considered in realization of the fact that personal preference may influence the effectiveness of an employee.
      2. Licensed personnel shall be notified of school placement.
      3. As far as possible, teachers shall be assigned within the field of their training and experience.
      4. Prior to the time that an employee has been in the same assignment for ten (10) years, a review of the placement will be made by an administrative committee to determine whether or not it is in the best interest of the students or the individual to consider a change of assignment.  Individuals would need to be aware that their position would be reviewed at least every three (3) years thereafter.
      5. It is the desire of Jordan School District to provide District and school administrators with a variety of administrative experiences.  Therefore, if an administrator has been in his/her position more than ten (10) years, he/she would be considered eligible for transfer.  If an administrator is not transferred after ten (10) years of service in the same position, his/her assignment would be reviewed annually for possible transfer.
      6. Nothing in items 4. or 5. above should be construed to mean that a teacher or administrator may not be transferred in the best interest of students or the individual at any time prior to ten (10) years service in the same assignment.
    2. Major Responsibilities of the Human Resources Department for Personnel Placement
      The Human Resource administrator shall:

      1. Assign teachers in the primary, intermediate, or secondary level who are new in the District or who are being transferred to another school within the District after consultation with the principal of the school or schools concerned.  The school principal shall assign teachers according to the needs of the school and the skills and abilities of the teacher assigned.
      2. Assess and balance the various school staffs, taking into consideration experience, teacher special interests or abilities, and teacher personality factors.
      3. Maintain a balance of experienced teachers in all schools.  Distribution of experienced teachers shall be considered in the making of assignments within the primary, intermediate, and secondary levels.
    3. Major Responsibilities in the Assignment Process
      The school administrator shall:

      1. Assess his/her staff in relationship to the instructional program and project future needs in terms of the District instructional program.
      2. Establish a rapport with his/her staff about staffing problems.
      3. Communicate staff concerns about placement and assignments to the Human Resources Department.
      4. Involve the staff in teacher placement to a degree he/she feels is appropriate and without abrogating his/her responsibility.
      5. Develop an understanding on the part of teachers that individuals must be assigned on the basis of professional reasons.
    4. Statements Concerning Professional Responsibility of the Teacher Regarding Personnel Assignment Practices
      1. Assignments of teachers shall be based upon professional reasons.
      2. All personnel shall use the abilities of all teachers, permanent and provisional, to the best advantage in providing a well-rounded educational program for students of the District.
    5. Statements Concerning Education Support Professionals Regarding Assignment
      1. Assignments for education support professionals shall:
        1. Be coordinated through the Human Resources Department.
        2. Be made in cooperation with the school principal and/or immediate supervisor.
        3. Be assigned according to the best interest of the schools or departments.
      2. Employee request for specific assignments shall be given consideration; however, the final decision is made by the Administration.

2/25/2020: Board of Education approved the term “Education Support Professionals” to replace “Classified” to describe personnel not licensed as educators.