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  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board is vitally interested in the maintenance and safeguarding of school buildings and property. Responsibility is delegated to the District Administration to develop policies and procedures that will 1) deter acts of vandalism and school burglary, 2) assist law enforcement officers in the identification and apprehension of persons who willfully damage property, steal school materials, and gain illegal entry into school premises, and 3) promote respect for public facilities.
  2. Administrative Policy
    Direct responsibility for this phase of school operation shall be delegated to the Administrator of Auxiliary Services. The maintenance and safeguarding of school buildings and property is a shared responsibility of school administrators, licensed personnel, and classified employees. All District personnel shall work cooperatively in protecting school facilities.

    1. Principals, in cooperation with classroom teachers, shall conduct instructional activities designed to promote a respect for public facilities. Such activities shall be considered a part of the crime prevention program and part of citizenship education.
    2. Principals, teachers, and members of the custodial staff shall take precautions to discourage thefts, acts of vandalism and burglaries. Precautionary measures shall include the following:
      1. The careful distribution and accounting of keys
      2. The closing and locking of designated doors and windows
      3. Adequate lighting
      4. The current banking of school monies
      5. The practice of not keeping cash in desk drawers
      6. Other essential practices as determined by the administration
    3. In the event of burglaries, thefts, or vandalism to school property, the
      school principal or his/her representative shall take the following action:

      1. Notify Alarm Response (801)567-8865.
      2. Notify the local Police Department.
      3. Complete a vandalism work order on the online work order system (Sprocket) within 24 hours.