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  • Effective: 6/28/1977
  • Revision: 10/1/2002
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board, in consultation with various political subdivisions, recognizes the need to maintain control of parking and driving on school property.  It is the intent of the Board that every effort be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of students, staff, and others who park or drive on school property.  The Administration is authorized to establish a policy for staff responsibility for parking, traffic and signs on school grounds.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The local school administration shall be responsible to handle, or initiate action to handle, any situation that may arise from the operation or parking of vehicles on school property.  The following administrative policy provisions have been adopted for the control of traffic and parking on school property:

    1. The Administration delegates its authority and responsibility to each local school in the school district to adopt and enforce rules and ordinances for the control of vehicular traffic on school property pursuant to Utah Code Ann.  §53G-8-604.
    2. The applicable District, state, county, or municipal traffic and parking regulations shall be enforced upon school and District property.
    3. Maximum speed on school and District premises is ten (10) miles per hour.
    4. Vehicular traffic is limited to entering, exiting, and parking. No cruising or loitering will be permitted.
    5. All vehicles are restricted to designated roadways. Motorized vehicles shall not be driven on lawns, paths or other prohibited areas.
    6. No parking shall be allowed in the areas where the curb is painted red, designated "NO PARKING," or where such parking would obstruct regular vehicular traffic.
    7. Students, staff and faculty shall not park in areas designated "FOR VISITORS" or "RESERVED."
    8. The following rules and regulations relate to the registration, parking and control of vehicles by high school students.
      1. All District traffic and parking regulations and individual school regulations (if any) will be distributed to every student and faculty member at or before the beginning of each school year.
      2. Students must register with the school all motor vehicles which will be driven or parked on school property. A registration decal must bedisplayed on the vehicle as follows:
        1. Cars - left side of rear window
        2. Trucks, rough terrain vehicles (jeeps, etc.) - upper center ofwindshield
        3. Motor bikes and cycles - rear frame or rear fender
      3. Prior to vehicle registration at the local high school and issuance of the decal, the student must possess the following:
        1. A valid Utah Driver's license
        2. A parent or guardian's written permission for the student to bring a vehicle to school
        3. A signed statement by the parent and student that they understand when any car is on school property, the car may be searched, if the school authorities have reasonable cause to suspect that materials that are in violation of the state, county, municipal, or school code are stored therein and they further understand that any materials found may be seized and used as evidence in school disciplinary hearings
        4. Proof of insurance filed in the school office.
      4. Students are to park in the designated student parking areas and within parking spaces as directed by painted lines and signs.
      5. Faculty and staff parking shall be designated and students are not topark in these areas.
    9. All regulatory signs utilized on District or school property shall be placed in conspicuous and appropriate areas of the grounds.  All regulatory signs must be approved by the Administrator of Auxiliary Services or designee prior to posting.
    10. These rules and regulations shall be enforced by local school administrators and area law enforcement agencies.  Enforcements may include, but shall not be limited to citations, towing away at owner's expense, and/or revocation of the privileges to park and drive on school property.
    11. The Board and/or Administration assumes no responsibility for damage to cars, lost articles, damage to property or injury to persons by the automobile or its driver while on District property.