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  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/28/2010
  • Reviewed: 4/26/13

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes that all employees should be placed in the school and department that will best fit the educational needs of the students in the District.  Consideration will be given to the employee's placement preference.  When circumstances make it necessary to transfer employees involuntarily or reduce staff, orderly procedures are to be implemented.
  2. Administration Policy
    It is the policy of the Administration to assign personnel to the positions that best meet the needs of the District.  Transfers shall be used to maintain a proper balance of experience and specialized competence among the schools of the District.

    1. Voluntary Transfers
      1. The Human Resources Department will identify and advertise known vacancies beginning April 1 of each school year, including those positions which were filled after Jan. 1 of the current school year (except nurses).  Transfer requests will be accepted until 10 working days prior to the last day of New Teacher Induction.
      2. All vacancies for the coming school year occurring between April 1 and June 1, shall be advertised for five working days. Teachers will make transfer requests according to the following guidelines:
        1. Beginning with the week of April 1, a list of all known job vacancies, together with required endorsements and skill requirements, will be compiled and published on the Jordan School District website.
        2. A request for transfer form, available at the school or the Human Resources website, signed by the principal, should be submitted to Human Resources no later than the published closing date.  After a teacher has submitted one transfer form, requests for transfer to additional openings can be accomplished by calling Human Resources no later than the published closing date.  Information from the first transfer request will be forwarded to other schools upon the request of the teacher.
        3. Using a common set of criteria such as personnel files, requested qualifications, experience, etc., principals will review requests for transfer and select the candidates to be interviewed.   Principals will interview at least two qualified transfer candidates if available.  Candidates who are interviewed but not offered a position will be notified in writing.  When the position has been filled, all candidates making application will be notified by the local schools in a timely manner.
    2. Involuntary Transfers–Administrative
      1. A principal or immediate supervisor may request the transfer of an employee when in his/her judgment it will benefit the employee, the school, or the District.  Transfer requests stating specific reasons for the transfer shall be made to the Administrator of Schools.  The Administrator of Schools shall review the request and recommend approval or denial to the Administrator of Human Resources.  Upon final approval of the Administrator of Human Resources, a copy of the request shall be given to the employee no later than April 1.
      2. Involuntarily transferred teachers will be allowed to interview through the voluntary transfer process from April 1 through June 1.  If teachers are not successful in gaining a voluntary transfer by June 1, the District will place the employee.
      3. If, after the employee has been placed, the employee may continue to review through the voluntary transfer process (Refer to Section II A of this policy).
      4. Transfers during the school year shall be avoided.