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Effective: 7/14/1998
Revision: 12/10/2002
Reviewed: 12/10/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board supports work-based learning (WBL) programs for students. The Board recognizes responsibilities associated with placing students in work and community environments outside the school setting. The Board also recognizes that consistent practices throughout the six districts in the Wasatch Front South Consortium (Canyons, Granite, Jordan, Murray, Salt Lake City and Tooele School Districts) will encourage employers to participate in work-based learning experiences. Therefore, the Board supports:

    1. Clear and concise practices across all business, industry and community sites throughout the Wasatch Front;
    2. Uniform safety procedures across all work-based learning experiences;
    3. Consistency in WBL forms and procedures used in implementing work-based learning experiences; and
    4. Compliance with Utah Code §53G-7-902 Public or Private School Internships; R277-915 Work-Based Learning for Interns.

    The Board authorizes the Administration to develop and administer a policy for the work-based learning program in Jordan School District.

  2. Administrative Policy
    Jordan School District adopts the WBL forms and procedures found in the Wasatch Front South Consortium Work-Based Learning Manual, as well as the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. As required by law, procedures shall cover the following areas:
      1. Training for student interns, student intern supervisors, and cooperating employers regarding health hazards and safety procedures in the workplace;
      2. Standards and procedures for approval of off-campus work sites;
      3. Transportation options for students to and from the work sites;
      4. Appropriate supervision by employers at the work site;
      5. Adequate insurance coverage provided either by the student, the program, or the District;
      6. Appropriate supervision and evaluation of students by the District; and
      7. Appropriate involvement and approval by the parents of students in work-based intern programs.
    2. All work-based learning experiences shall be consistent with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Part 520, 29 CFR and Administrative Letter Rulings: Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division (pp. 226 and 228, July 1996).