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  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2013

  1. Board Directive
    Recognizing that instructional programs for students and teacher development opportunities may be extended beyond the limits of the regular school year, the Board authorizes the District Administration to plan and to conduct summer school and intersession programs.  Summer school and intersession programs conducted in the District shall be established in accordance with the State guidelines, District policies, and budget provisions.
  2. Administrative Policy
    Working within the framework of the established State administrative standards and procedures for implementing summer school and intersession programs, the Administration shall develop and sponsor appropriate direct teaching-learning activities for students.  The Administrators of Schools with the assistance of the appropriate department personnel, shall coordinate the planning and conducting of summer school and intersession programs.

Direct teaching-learning activities for students will include regular courses, enrichment courses, make-up work, remedial and special education classes, advanced or accelerated classes, field trips, summer camps, and a variety of activities calculated to provide exploration and experimentation opportunities as well as depth and breadth in course work and special interest projects.

Summer School or Intersession Program

    1. Student Enrollment and Classes
      1. Schools shall utilize needs assessment procedures to determine the best program to meet the needs of the students being served.
      2. Make-up credit-bearing classes for students grades 9 through 12 will conform with requirements for credit at the alternative high school.
      3. All courses will be supported by student fees and enrollment.
    2. Fees
      1. The fee schedule will be set by the Administration and be approved by the Board.
      2. Elementary student(s) shall be charged a minimum registration fee.  An additional materials fee may be charged those students who enroll in special classes, such as art, crafts, photography, and other classes involving the use of expendable materials.
      3. All secondary students who enroll in academic classes at the alternative high school shall be charged a registration fee.  A materials fee for regular school students may be charged those students who enroll in special classes.
    3. Field Trips for Students
      All field trips shall be conducted according to established policies.
    4. Teachers' Salaries
      The payment of teachers' salaries shall be compatible with the District's current salary schedule.
    5. Reports
      A Summer School Attendance Record shall be submitted to the District at the close of the summer session.