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  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/8/2009

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes the need for licensed employees to be granted sabbatical leaves in order to continue their professional training. The Board authorizes a maximum of four (4) full-time equivalent employees each year to be selected for sabbatical leave. The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility of administering the Sabbatical Leave Policy.
  2. Administration Policy
    Sabbatical leave shall be granted according to the following guidelines:

    1. A sabbatical leave for continued professional study may be granted to any licensed employee who has completed at least seven (7) years of continuous satisfactory service in Jordan School District.
    2. Application for sabbatical leave shall be filed with the Local Professional Improvement Committee (LPIC) by February 1 of the school year. Applications shall then be screened by the Committee and recommendations shall be made to the Superintendent for approval. All applications for sabbatical leave must be approved by the Board before being granted.
      1. An educational program must be submitted with the application.
    3. Sabbatical leave shall be granted to a licensed employee for the ensuing contract year and shall not extend beyond one (1) year of professional development approved by the LPIC.
    4. Remuneration for approved sabbatical leave shall be given as follows:
      1. Employees who work full time for 7 years prior to the leave will receive one-half their annual salary for the year during which the leave is granted.
      2. If any of the employee's required last 7 years of service were part-time, the employee will be placed on the full-time equivalent step of the salary schedule and receive one-half of that annual salary.
    5. Persons receiving sabbatical leave must return to the District for at least two (2) years at the same level of contract at which the leave was granted or reimburse the District for the total amount received (including fringe benefits) during the leave unless circumstances indicate that the Board make an exception. In the event that the employee elects to return to work before the conditions of the sabbatical leave are met, the employee must reimburse the District for the total amount received. If there are extenuating circumstances, the employee may appeal to the superintendent.
    6. Fringe benefits shall be continued during the duration of the approved leave.
    7. The educator shall be advanced on the salary schedule in the same manner as full-time employees.
    8. Personnel on sabbatical leave must submit a progress report to the LPIC by February 15 of the year the leave is granted. The report is to include the date the employee intends to return to full-time status. Following review by the LPIC, the report will be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.
    9. When the sabbatical is successfully completed, a copy of the educational program and a transcript of credit and a report shall be submitted for LPIC review. The LPIC will notify the Superintendent of successful completion or failure to comply.
    10. Upon returning from a one (1) year sabbatical leave, the educator shall be placed in the same school and position as was held at the time the leave was granted, unless the educator requests otherwise. The educator's replacement shall be hired on a temporary basis and will be so advised upon hiring.