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  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board encourages and supports research projects relating to the various functions of the District.  The Board recognizes that current research data are required in the development of improved operational and instructional programs.  The Board delegates to the Administration the responsibility for policy regarding research in the District.
  2. Administrative Policy
    District administrators shall actively support and promote appropriate research by identifying and encouraging projects concerning operational and instructional programs.  In recognition of the need to coordinate such research efforts, the Administration shall appoint a Research Review Committee and delegate to the committee the responsibility for the review and approval of research project proposals.  The Director of Evaluation, Research and Accountability shall accept and coordinate requests for research projects.

    1. The Administrators of Schools and the Director of Evaluation, Research and Accountability shall constitute the Research Review Committee.
    2. One Administrator of Schools serves as chairperson of the Research Review Committee.
    3. Administrators, principals, and consultants may be used as advisers to the Research Review Committee.
    4. The committee shall review all research proposals to determine their educational value and to evaluate the research design.  The Committee will then approve or disapprove each research project.
    5. Applicants requesting to conduct research projects shall submit to the Research Review Committee a completed Research Project application and a written proposal that outlines the purpose of the research, the methodology to be followed, the instruments to be used, and the anticipated benefits which shall accrue to the District upon completion of the research.
    6. Requests for budgeting support for research projects shall be prepared and submitted to the administrator in charge of research prior to March 1st.
    7. Following consideration by the Research Review Committee, formal notice of approval or disapproval shall be given to the applicant by the Committee chairperson.
    8. Administrators of Schools, division administrators, and department directors shall have the responsibility to coordinate approved research projects within their areas or departments.
    9. Upon completion of a research project, whether or not the District participates in the funding, a copy of the findings, thesis, dissertation or other written report shall be submitted to the administrator in charge of research.  The results of significant projects shall be reported to the Administrative Cabinet, appropriate staff members and/or the Board of Education by the chairperson of the Research Review Committee.