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  • Effective: 3/12/1975
  • Revision:

  1. Board Policy
    The Board supports the policy that each high school publish a yearbook. The Board recognizes that maximum student involvement in the processes provides many rewarding experiences and offers enrichment to the school curriculum. The Board commissions the District Administration to develop practices and procedures to ensure that each high school will be able to publish a yearbook that reflects District philosophy through maximum student involvement.

    1.  The processes of publishing a yearbook are not to compete with, advertise for, or promote private business.
      1. Pictures taken by the school for the yearbook are not to be sold.
      2. Advertisements for commercial firms are not to be placed in yearbooks.
    2. The District will provide technical assistance to each yearbook staff and adviser.
      1. The regular assistance of a District photographer is to be provided.
      2. The photo lab in the Jordan Technical Center will provide support facilities for film processing.
    3. Individual pictures for the yearbooks will be taken by the District photographer at no charge. Yearbook staffs will assist.
      1. An individual student may request to submit a substitute individual picture; however, it must meet the specifications set by each high school yearbook staff.
      2. Notification to students and parents that substitute pictures will be accepted is not necessary.
    4. The purchase price of yearbooks is to be approved by the Board.
      1. Quality, value received, and cost are to be constantly evaluated and equated.
  2. Administration Policy
    High school principals have the responsibility of coordinating and planning the necessary processes to publish a yearbook.

    1. High school principals will coordinate, through the Administrator of Schools, matters on a District level that pertain to yearbooks.
    2. Each principal will provide a faculty advisor and develop a method to choose students for the yearbook staff.
    3. Budgeting is the responsibility of the local principal.
    4. Time schedule for the District photographer will be coordinated through the area Administrator of Schools.
      1. Regular class schedule
      2. Taking of individual student pictures
    5. Local schools are to notify students of time schedules for the taking of individual pictures.
      1. Each yearbook staff shall have a written description of specifications for individual yearbook pictures available only to students who request a substitute photograph. Such description shall be made and available in adequate time to meet yearbook schedules.
      2. The District will not be responsible for providing picture specifications to commercial photographers.

  • Effective: 10/6/1970
  • Revision: 2/4/2003

  1. Board Policy
    It is the policy of the Board of Education that the principal shall work with his/her faculty and student officers to develop a wholesome environment with reference to school publications and all printed material published within the school or from any source that might be distributed in or about the school; also with reference to speech and manners of students, personnel, visitors or guests.
    The Board recognizes the educational value of proper and wholesome resources in the nature of individual personalities, business and institutional publications and the many materials of local, state, and national agencies.
  2. Administration Policy
    1. The property, parking lots, sidewalks, facilities of Jordan School District and the publications of Jordan School District are a closed forum, to be managed in the best interests of the students and patrons as determined by the Jordan School District Administration and local school principals.
    2. School Publications and Printed Materials
      The Board places the responsibility for school publications and distribution of any materials with the local school administration. Therefore, printed material of any nature shall not be distributed on the school premises without the consent of the school principal.

      1. Flyers, handbills, or other printed materials which are not either approved by the principal or sponsored by the District are prohibited and may not be posted or distributed on school property or placed in mail boxes that are provided for school staff.
      2. All publications shall be free of any adverse, lewd, wanton, or lascivious writings or pictures. There shall be no publications of a nature that would ridicule, defame, belittle, or otherwise injure the character of any individual or group.
      3. Jordan School District will not accept or publish public political advertising on ballot initiatives, constitutional amendments, and candidates for election. The Board may publicize its position on initiatives and other matters sponsored by the Board or having a direct bearing on the education of students in Jordan School District.
    3. Speech and Manners
      1. There shall be no display of manner or speech that would be, or tend to be, lewd, vulgar, wanton, lascivious, defamatory, or otherwise disruptive to the wholesome educational environment of the school.
      2. The Board of Education herein adopts the full intent of the Revised Ordinances of Salt Lake County, 1966, Chapter 28, to Title XVI, as amended, Relating to "Offenses in or About Schools, Colleges, or Universities," as it may apply to printed materials or speech and manners of all individuals that may be within or about the school premises.
      3. Infractions by other than students shall be reported to the proper authorities. Infractions by students may result in suspension from school.