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  • Effective: 12/13/1983
  • Revision: 7/1/2023
  • Reviewed: 5/28/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board of Education recognizes that opportunities exist for many District employees to be elected to public office, either in local or state government or other school district's boards of education.  Inasmuch as these employees do perform a public service, the Board authorizes the District Administration to develop policy to assist District employees to perform their elected duties.
  2.  Administrative Policy
    1. The Administration will endeavor to assist employees in their efforts to render public service, recognizing that employees need to provide adequate service to the District for compensation they receive.  The Administration will compensate these employees within the following administrative policy provisions:
      Employees who are eligible for vacation or personal leave will be required to use those times first to render service in their elected office.
    2. Employees elected to public office may be granted leave to fulfill the responsibilities of their office.
    3. Employees who receive financial remuneration for their service will reimburse the District 50% of the daily rate of a licensed employee on salary level one, or the entire amount received if less than 50% of the daily rate of a licensed employee on salary level one, for each of the days of work missed because of their public service.
    4. Employees are encouraged to perform their elected duties outside their regular employment hours as much as possible to minimize the time away from District responsibilities.