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  • Effective: 8/27/1960
  • Revision: 2/25/2014

  1. Board Directive
    A kindergarten program shall be maintained as a regular part of the elementary instructional program offered to the children living within the Jordan School District boundaries.  In the state of Utah, enrollment in a kindergarten program is not required and is the decision of the student’s parent(s)/guardian.  Compulsory education begins at age six as defined in Utah Code 53G-6-202.  The Board authorizes the Administration to develop policy and implement a kindergarten program in the District.
  2.  Administrative Policy
    1.  Kindergarten classes, taught by certified teachers, will be provided in all elementary schools in Jordan School District.
    2. Age Eligibility
      1. Eligible children shall be five (5) years of age before September 2 of any particular school year in accordance with Utah Code 53G-4-402(6) except as provided in Section 53E-3-902.
      2. A birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics shall be required of all children at the time of their entrance into kindergarten.  Exceptions, if any, must be approved by the administrator for the Planning and Student Services Department.
    3. Purposes
      The kindergarten program shall provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment in which each child will participate in:

      1. A school setting that helps clarify and develop relationships with other children and adults.
      2. Activities for learning and practicing essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills to build a quality educational foundation.
      3. Large and small group instruction, learning centers with differentiated learning, and intervention and acceleration when appropriate.
      4. Opportunities to develop feelings of security and self-worth through recognized successes.
      5. Experiences that encourage accountability and increased independence for achieving academically and intellectually.
      6. A curriculum with clear instructional targets, based on Utah State Core Standards, with differentiated instruction rich in literacy, math, technology, art, music, dance/movement, physical education, science, and social studies.
    4. The fulfillment of the above purposes shall be accomplished through a variety of means. Jordan School District shall meet its responsibility in the following ways:
      1. It is preferred that kindergarten teachers employed by Jordan School District shall hold an Early Childhood (K-3) licenses; however, in certain circumstances an individual that holds a Utah Educator License with an Elementary (1-8) License Area of Concentration can earn an Early Childhood (K-3) License as determined by the Utah Office of Education.
      2. The Teaching and Learning Department shall provide principals and teachers with district and school-based professional development to meet educational and instructional needs.
      3. Under the direction of the Administrator of Teaching and Learning, with the assistance of committees, consultants who are experts in early childhood education, and others as needed, District guides shall be developed for implementing the Utah State Core Standards for kindergarten and for continuous improvement.
      4. The District shall provide teachers with materials, textbooks, and online resources as needed.
      5. The number of kindergarten classes provided at each location shall be based on projected enrollment following District FTE guidelines.