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GP108 – Meeting Planning

Effective: 9/25/2012
Revision: 1/28/2014
Reviewed: 2/24/2015

To accomplish its job with a governance style consistent with Board policies, the Board of Education will follow an annual agenda, which completes a re-exploration of Ends policies annually, and continually improves Board performance through Board education and enriched input and deliberation.

Accordingly, the Board will:

  1. Evaluate and review a perpetual calendar that includes a schedule of monitoring reports, regular board meetings, monthly governance policy reviews, Superintendent and Business Administrator evaluations and reviews, community connection activities, Town Hall meetings, Board assessment, Board and staff training, policy related briefings and analysis, public policy reviews, and other relevant issues. The perpetual calendar will reflect the outline of governance activities. The annual calendar will determine specific information.
  2. Finalize its Ends for the following year by the last day of December so that administrative planning and budgeting can take place.
  3. Develop the Board’s agenda for the next year by engaging in consultations with selected groups in Jordan School District or other methods of gaining input from the owners of Jordan School District. Governance education and education related to Ends determination, (e.g. presentations by futurists, demographers, advocacy groups, staff, etc.) will be arranged as desired to be held during the balance of the year and continually assessed throughout the year.
  4. Attend to consent agenda items as expeditiously as possible.
  5. Decide Superintendent and Business Administrator contract modifications only after a review of monitoring reports received in the last year.
  6. The Board will conduct a review of Governance Process (GP), Board/Superintendent Connection (B/SC) and Executive Limitations (EL) policies monthly. The reviews will serve two purposes:
    1. To conduct Board assessment by reviewing Board activity and adherence to GP and B/SC policies.
    2. To examine policies for possible revision. The Board President will post the GP, B/SC and EL policies to be reviewed at the respective meetings on the annual calendar.

Appendix for GP108