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DP337 NEG – Leave of Absence (Personal – 15 Days)—Licensed

  • Effective: 6/28/1977
  • Revision: 3/31/2020

  1. Board Directive
    The Board of Education encourages employees to avoid absenteeism and to schedule vacations, trips, and other personal activities at times which do not interrupt work schedules. However, the Board recognizes that circumstances may make it necessary for employees to request a leave of absence from time to time. Therefore, the Board authorizes the District Administration to implement a Leave of Absence policy.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Leave of Absence policy shall be administered according to the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Employees shall be discouraged from requesting a personal leave of absence during the school year.
    2. In the event that an employee has a serious or compelling need for a leave of absence, a request may be made in writing to the appropriate Administrator of Schools.  This request must be made and approved prior to the leave being taken.  Failure to receive approval prior to the leave may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment as outlined in DP316 NEG – Orderly Termination Procedures – Licensed.  The request must clearly state the reason that a leave of absence is necessary. After due consideration, the request shall either be granted or denied.  Notification will be provided to the employee in writing.
    3. Leaves of absence granted under this policy shall be without pay.
    4. Contract employees shall not be granted more than fifteen (15) days' leave of absence under this policy in any three-year period.
    5. Extended contract employees shall be granted an additional ten (10) days' leave of absence under this policy in any one-year period.
      1. Extended contract employees who, prior to July 15, declare intent to take up to ten (10) days of unpaid personal leave during the contract year shall have the option of having their contract modified to reflect equal monthly payments.
        1. An Assignment Change form and calendar, signed and dated by the principal, indicating the specific days to be taken as unpaid personal leave must be submitted to the Human Resources Department.
        2. Employees may revise their calendar no more than two times each contract year. To change or delete dates submitted on the original calendar, the following procedures must be used:
          (1) A revised calendar, signed by the principal, must be submitted to the Human Resources Department indicating the change.
          (2) If an emergency arises and the employee must work on a calendared no-pay day, a time sheet and copy of the calendar must be submitted to the Payroll Department with the reason indicated.
      2. Extended contract employees who do not give notice of the intent to take personal leave prior to July 15 shall have the appropriate amount deducted from the next regular paycheck following the absence.
    6. Leave of absence for job share and part-time employees shall be prorated according to the percentage of a full-time contract; e.g., a half-time teacher would receive 15 half days.
    7. An employee whose request for an unpaid leave is denied and who chooses to absent himself/herself from his/her assignment despite the denial shall be deemed to have voluntarily terminated his/her employment with the District.
    8. This leave does not negate the other official administrative leave provisions as listed below:
      1. Adoption
      2. Military
      3. Released Time (Jury Duty)
      4. Bereavement
      5. Personal
      6. Released Time (Professional)
      7. Educational
      8. Sabbatical
      9. Sick Leave
    9. Emergency School Dismissal by Order of the Governor
      1. The limit to the number of no-pay days that an employee may use in a year and still retain his/her position shall be suspended during an emergency school dismissal.
      2. Any no-pay days taken during an emergency school dismissal shall not count toward the limit of fifteen (15) days in three (3) years.
      3. No pay-days must be reported to the employee’s supervisor and recorded in Skyward.