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DP332 NEG – Educational Leave

  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2017

  1. Board Directive
    The Board may authorize a leave of absence without pay for continued study to licensed employees who have served three (3) consecutive years. The Board authorizes the Administration to set up procedures for educational leave and approval of candidates for such leave.
  2. Administrative Policy
    An educational leave for full-time continued study may be granted to a licensed employee upon the recommendation of the Local Professional Improvement Committee (LPIC).

    1. An application for educational leave shall be filed with the Human Resources Department for forwarding to the LPIC by February 1 of the school year. A detailed outline of studies must be submitted with the application. This outline must show the candidate will be a full-time student.
    2. The chairman of the LPIC will obtain a written evaluation of the applicant from his/her immediate supervisor. Only those who have favorable evaluations will be considered for educational leave.
    3. Applications shall be screened by the LPIC and recommendations shall be made to the Superintendent for approval.
    4. There shall be no remuneration for this leave.
    5. Educational leave shall be granted for the ensuing contract year and shall not extend beyond two contract years.
    6. Personnel on educational leave must submit a progress report to the LPIC by February 15 of the year the leave is granted. The report is to include the date the employee intends to return to full-time status and/or a request for a one-year extension if needed. Following review by the LPIC, the report will be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.
    7. When an educational leave is successfully completed, a copy of the outline of studies and a transcript of credit and a report will be submitted to the LPIC and the superintendent for review.
    8. An employee returning from approved educational leave shall be advanced on the salary schedule in the same manner as full-time employees.
    9. The employee may arrange with the insurance carrier to continue his/her insurance program. The employee shall pay for the full premium.
    10. The granting of the leave shall not compel the employee to return to the District.
    11. This leave is void if the employee does not complete the approved course of study as approved by the Local Professional Improvement Committee. It is the responsibility of the employee to submit evidence of successful completion of his/her approved program by June 30.
    12. A candidate shall be guaranteed a comparable position in the District upon his/her return from an educational leave.