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DP307 – Staff Selection, Promotion, and Salary Placement—Education Support Professionals

  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 7/1/2023
  • Reviewed: 8/25/2015

  1. Board Directive
    Jordan District is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to staffing schools and departments with the best fit and most qualified candidates available.  The Board, therefore, delegates to the District Administration responsibility for ensuring that staff selection, promotion and salary placement practices comply with state and federal laws, and that the selection, placement and supervision of employees are free from discrimination, favoritism, or other unethical practices.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration delegates to the Human Resource Department the responsibility for screening and selecting all education support professionals and shall protect the safety and interest of students by hiring only those individuals who are qualified according to state requirements and pass a background check.  All personnel who do not require state teacher or administrative/supervisory certification are designated as education support professionals.Staff selection and placement, promotion and salary placement for part-time and full-time education support professionals shall be accomplished through the use of the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Background Checks:  Individuals who are offered employment with the District shall be required to prove they are worthy to hold the trust required in a sensitive employment position through the following process:
      1. Each prospective employee shall agree to be fingerprinted and sign a waiver facilitating a criminal background check through the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.
      2. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall review each evaluation report received from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification to determine final eligibility for employment.
      3. No one shall be hired whose record shows a felony or misdemeanor conviction in an area which causes concern for the safety and well-being of students.
      4. Information disclosed by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation shall not be released to any other agency or individual.
    2. Nepotism
      1. No one with supervisory responsibility shall hire or recommend for hire any “relative” as defined in Utah Code 52-3-1  “father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter, first cousins, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law or daughter-in-law.   Furthermore and in addition to Utah Code, any corresponding step or adoptive relative, or anyone residing on a permanent basis in an employee’s home will also be considered a “relative.”
      2. No employee shall be directly supervised or evaluated by a relative.  Family members as described in B.1 may not be employed under the same immediate supervisor, defined as the authorized evaluator for the employee, without Cabinet approval and Board notification.
      3. Employees hired prior to adoption of this policy are exempt from this guideline except when the proximity of relatives is found to be creating problems.
      4. The hiring of relatives is also prohibited if it results in a conflict of interest with vendors of the District.
      5. In the event of a lack of candidates, a need for specialized skills or unique circumstances, the restriction against hiring relatives may be waived in the best interest of the District upon recommendation of a review committee comprised of the Superintendent and appropriate administrator or director, and upon approval of the Board.
      6. When other qualified candidates have not applied, task assignments of short duration (generally less than sixty (60) working days) may be exempt from this policy.
    3. Selection and Placement of Entry Level Personnel
      1. All job applicants shall be required to complete an online employment application in its entirety.  Failure to complete any portion of the application may disqualify the applicant from employment consideration.
      2. Recruitment, screening and initial interviewing for job openings or positions shall be the responsibility of the Human Resources Department except for designated part-time positions such as sweepers, hourly education support professionals, etc.  Consideration of qualifications shall be determined by job description.
      3. Qualified candidates selected to interview for each opening or position shall be referred to the appropriate building or department administrator followed by a hiring recommendation to the Human Resources Department for final approval.
      4. Continued employment shall be contingent upon satisfactory service.
      5. New employees will be placed on the beginning step of the appropriate lane of the salary schedule unless it is determined that a higher initial step placement is necessary to attract and retain qualified employees in areas of critical District need.  Part-time employees will be placed on the appropriate level step when employed full time.  Employees who work full-time for two or more consecutive summers (a minimum of six months) will be granted one additional step on the salary schedule if hired full time thereafter.
      6. Former full-time District employees who are rehired may be granted full credit on the salary schedule for previous contract experience with the District. Former part-time District employees who are rehired may be granted full credit on the salary schedule for previous experience with the District.
      7. Employees who have retired and are then rehired will be placed up to Step 4 of the appropriate lane.
      8. Salary lane movement will be based upon the above guidelines and the date the employee was hired in the District.  Any person hired between July 1 and Dec. 31 will receive one full year’s experience the following July 1.  Anyone hired between Jan. 1 and June 30 will not receive experience credit for the first months of service up to July 1.
      9. The Administration may choose to promote existing education support professionals to any step and/or lane on the existing salary schedule to retain qualified employees.  The District Administration may make recommendations to the Superintendent for such promotions.
      10. Within its discretion, the Board of Education may augment any existing salary schedule for an existing employee by a specific percentage in order to retain qualified employees of the District.
    4. Job Reviews
      1. The Board of Education established an independent job review procedure through the Human Resource Department to assure the education support professionals job descriptions match the major duties and responsibilities actually assigned to each position by Job Family.
      2. The Board will review the job study results and is responsible to make fiscally responsible salary adjustments.
      3. If the job study reveals an employee is being overpaid in their position, the employee’s salary will be frozen until their current pay falls within their current pay lane.
      4. The Human Resource Department is responsible for revising job descriptions following each job study.
    5. Selection and Promotion of Non-Provisional Personnel
      1. Employees shall be notified of all full-time vacancies at least five (5) days prior to the application closing date.  Notification shall be made on the Human Resource Department website.
      2. Promotion or promote shall mean reassignment to a job which is located on a higher lane of the salary schedule than the lane from which the employee is currently paid or, at the discretion of the Board of Education, to a higher lane of the salary schedule for an employee who retains the same or similar job title and duties in order to retain qualified employees of the District.
      3. All employees may apply for promotion to a position which is posted as a vacancy.  Qualifications being equal, District employees will receive first consideration.  Provisional employees as described in DP314 – Provisional and Probationary Education Support Professionals, II.I. may not be considered for available openings.
      4. An employee who is promoted to a higher position shall be given a trial period of 30 days.  During this 30-day period, the promotion shall be nullified upon request by the District or the employee.  In such a case, the employee shall be returned to his/her former position or a comparable position when available.
      5. The Board of Education may choose to promote existing education support professionals to any step and/or lane on the existing salary schedule to retain qualified employees.  The District Administration may make recommendations to the Board for such promotions.
      6. Within its discretion, the Board of Education may augment any existing salary schedule for an existing employee by a specific percentage in order to retain qualified employees of the District.
      7. Probation reports and negative evaluations older than five (5) years with no repeat violation, as defined by DP 316B—Orderly Termination Procedures for Education Support Professionals, shall not be considered in employee eligibility for promotion or transfer.
    6. Temporary Assignments/Promotion
      On a short-term, temporary basis, it may be necessary for one education support professional to substitute for another education support professional who is assigned to a higher lane on the Education Support Professionals Master Salary Schedule.  Under such circumstances, many responsibilities normally required in the higher position are not required nor accomplished by those in temporary assignments.  While it is neither necessary nor realistic to give equal compensation for such short-term appointments, salary adjustments will be provided when a temporary assignment/promotion is necessitated by the extended illness, injury, or short term leave of an employee.   Beginning on the sixth consecutive working day of the temporary assignment, the promoted employee shall be paid on step two (2) of the higher lane or at $5 per day, whichever is higher.
    7. The District may not refuse to hire, promote, discharge, demote, or terminate an individual, or may not retaliate against, harass, or discriminate in matters of compensation or in terms, privileges, and conditions of employment against an individual otherwise qualified because the individual breastfeeds or expresses milk in the workplace.  Utah Code 34-49-204.
    8. Voluntary Transfers
      Any contract education support professional wishing to transfer laterally or move to a lower lane for which he/she is qualified within Jordan School District shall use the following procedure:

      1. The employee shall submit an online application for any position posted on the District website.
      2. Known vacancies will be posted on the District website for five (5) working days.
      3. The application will be made available to the hiring administrator for first consideration.  Immediate supervisors may not consider new candidates until those requesting a lateral transfer have been considered first.
      4. No employee who is on probation or other disciplinary sanction is eligible for a transfer.

Revision History: 12/13/83, 2/14/12, 8/25/15