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DP314 NEG – Provisional and Probationary Education Support Professionals

  • Effective: 6/28/77
  • Revision: 6/10/14

  1. Board Directive
    It is the directive of the Board that all education support professionals have one (1) year of provisional employment.  Education support professionals having given satisfactory service during their first year of employment by the District may be continued in employment upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, and in accordance with established administrative policy.  The Board delegates to the Administration the responsibility for implementing a policy for provisional and probationary education support professionals and overseeing the probationary period.
  2. Administrative Policy
    Provisional employment shall be established in accordance with the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Education support professionals employed by the District shall have a provisional period of one (1) year.
    2. The provisional employee shall have access to information, which includes:
      1. A statement of the procedures and personnel policies of the Administration for education support professionals.
      2. A statement of the criteria for evaluation.
      3. A statement indicating the sources of supervisory help.
    3. Provisional employees shall be evaluated in writing prior to the end of each six-month period of their first year of employment.  This evaluation shall be discussed and signed by both employee and immediate supervisor.
    4. All employees entering or returning to the system shall be placed on first year provisional status.
    5. Continuance of service following a provisional appointment shall be dependent upon the employee's continued successful performance.
    6. Any education support professionals may be recommended by his/her immediate supervisor to be placed on probation at any time, as established by policy DP312—Evaluation of Education Support Professionals (refer to guidelines in the “Supervisors Guide to Evaluation”).  A conference with the employee must be held explaining the reason for probation.  Prior to the conference, the employee must be notified of the right to representation by an agent of his/her choice.  The recommendation and all supportive information shall be forwarded to the Administrator of Human Resources.
    7. After notification from the Administrator of Human Resources of being placed on probation, the employee shall also be informed that his/her unsatisfactory performance must be rectified within thirty (30) days of notification or his/her termination will be recommended.  A copy of the probation report shall be placed in the employee’s file at the District Office.  After the thirty (30) days of probation, the employee shall be reevaluated or released from probation if termination is not recommended. If termination is recommended after thirty (30) days, the employee shall be given an additional fifteen (15) days' notice prior to his/her being terminated.
    8. When an employee is taken off probation as a result of improved performance, a written notice will also be submitted to the employee by the Administrator of Human Resources and a copy shall be placed in the employee's personnel file at the District Office.
    9. Provisional employees shall not be eligible for transfer to another job assignment or promotion until he/she has worked one year of continuous employment at the current assignment.  However, this requirement may be waived based on either of the following:
      1. In the event there are no non-provisional employees who apply and qualify for the position.
      2. Both the current administrator of the provisional employee and the hiring administrator submit his/her approval through email to Human Resources.