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  • Effective: 8/27/69
  • Revision:

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes the need for adequate inventories to be available in each operation of the school program. The Board holds the Administration responsible for acquiring and safeguarding inventories.
  2. Administration Policy
    The Administration delegates the responsibility of acquiring inventories to the Division of Business Services, and the responsibility of safeguarding, using and reporting inventories to the school principals and various department directors.

    1. School Supply Inventory
      1. The storeroom clerk shall be responsible for requisitioning items of school supply for the storeroom.
      2. The purchasing clerk shall be responsible for acquiring the necessary school supplies at the best possible prices.
      3. The storeroom clerk shall be responsible for inventories while stored in the warehouse and also for supplying these items on proper requisition. Current price lists of storeroom school supplies shall be furnished principals at the beginning of the school term.
      4. The principal shall be responsible for safeguarding the school supplies in the school and for making equitable distribution of supplies among faculty members and programs.
    2. Janitorial and Maintenance Supply Inventories.
      1. The Director of Maintenance shall be responsible for safeguarding these inventories while they are stored in the warehouse. The inventories shall be distributed to schools and projects upon receipt of proper requisition from school principals and department directors.
      2. The purchasing clerk, after consultation with the District director, shall be responsible for acquiring items of supply, to be stored at the warehouse and used on various projects.
      3. The warehouse secretary shall be responsible for the processing of requisitions, for supplies, and for maintaining appropriate records relative to inventory items shipped from the warehouse.
    3. Nutrition Services Inventories
      1. The Director of Nutrition services shall be responsible for making requisitions for various items to be purchased for school lunch operation and stored in the District school lunch warehouse.
      2. The director shall also be responsible for maintaining contact with officials who handle governmental commodity items and shall obtain such items as are available and deemed appropriate for the lunch program.
      3. The director shall be responsible for maintenance of separate inventory records for purchased and government donated commodities since both are stored in the warehouse until delivery to the various lunch units.
      4. Purchased items and commodity items delivered to the schools become the responsibility of the principal. The principal may then delegate this responsibility to the school lunch manager.
      5. Foods and other items for the lunch program may be requisitioned from the warehouse on approved school lunch order forms. These items shall then be shipped to the various units by the school lunch delivery truck.
    4. Transportation Department Inventories
      1. The Director of Transportation shall be responsible for safeguarding inventories while stored in the District garage and for requisitioning supplies for the department.
      2. The purchasing clerk shall be responsible for issuing purchase orders to acquire supplies for this department.
      3. The secretary in the Transportation Department shall be responsible for maintaining appropriate inventory records of supplies required and used in various transportation functions.

  • Effective: 8/27/1969
  • Revision: 11/8/2005

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes the need for uniformity and clarity on financial accounting issues. All District employees are to follow the "Financial Accounting Manual." The Administration may change this manual from time to time as necessary. When this manual is updated, copies will be distributed to the Board.