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AA439 – Selling in Schools and Offices

  • Effective: 12/17/1991
  • Revision: 9/8/2009

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes that it is in the best interest of the school system to minimize outside disruptions which detract from the learning environment, encroach upon contract time, or reduce staff productivity. Further, publicly funded school and district services should not be used for private enterprise pursuits. Therefore, the Board delegates to the District Administration responsibility for developing a policy which limits selling in schools and offices and frees employees from sales pressure in the work place.
  2. Administration Policy
    Board policy shall be administered according to the following guidelines:

    1. Sales directly related to education
      1. Sales representatives who wish to communicate with school staff members about education-related items or services shall:
        1. Obtain written authorization from an Administrator of Schools of Schools or designee.
        2. Contact the school principal to arrange an appointment at a time which does not interfere with educational programs or staff responsibilities.
      2. Sales representatives who wish to communicate with District administrators about education-related items or services shall make appointments in advance. Administrators reserve the right to determine when and how sales representatives are received.
    2. Sales indirectly related to education
      1. Sales associated with fund raising projects authorized through the Jordan Education Foundation, PTA, School Community Councils, or other official student or school organizations shall be allowed in accordance with the provisions outlined in policy AA417—Fund Raising.
      2. Sales associated with student instructional programs, student activities, school clubs, or school and student organizations shall be allowed subject to authorization by the principal.
      3. Sales of student pictures, articles designed to boost school spirit, school graduation memorabilia, etc., shall be allowed subject to authorization by the principal.
      4. The District shall cooperate with dissemination of materials related to U.S. Savings Bonds, United Way, and other civic efforts as authorized by the Board of Education.
      5. Vending machines for school supplies, soft drinks and snack foods shall be allowed for the convenience of students and employees.
    3. Sales which are not an integral part of the regular school program or directly or indirectly related to education, as described in items A and B, are prohibited in all school buildings and District offices.