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AA417 – Fund Raising

  • Effective: 7/11/1974
  • Revision: 3/29/2016

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes that there are times when it may be beneficial to raise funds for specific projects and school activities.  The Board also recognizes its responsibility to protect students, parents, and community members of the District from undue pressures applied through these fundraising efforts.  The guidelines outlined in this policy are intended to provide schools with the ability to raise funds without unduly pressuring students, patrons, and/or community members to support or participate in fundraising activities.
    The Board provides funds for specific educational functions on an equitable basis; therefore, no school partnership or fundraising effort will be approved that would generate funds for the following categories:

    1. Textbooks and supplies (the purchase of)
    2. Transportation of students between school and home on a regular basis
    3. The purchase or construction of an additional classroom(s)
    4. The hiring of licensed, educational support professionals, or paraprofessional staff
      The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility of administering this policy.
  2. Administrative Policy
    1. The Administration shall approve fundraisers that meet the administrative policy provisions listed below:
      1. A needs assessment must be conducted before a fundraiser can be approved, in order to determine the amount of funds required and the methods that will be used to raise the funds.
      2. All local school fundraisers must be submitted in writing to the Administrator of Schools for review and prior approval.
      3. Fundraisers cannot involve door-to-door sales.
      4. Students must not be compelled to sell or purchase products or services and must be free to voluntarily participate without peer or group pressure.  Care must be taken in awarding bonuses or prizes to individuals or groups so that students do not feel pressured into competitive selling.
      5. Students are not to miss class to participate in fundraisers.
      6. Fundraisers must be reviewed by the School Community Council.
      7. Fundraisers must be consistent with the generally accepted moral and ethical standards and practices of the Jordan School District community.
      8. Charitable fundraising will not be endorsed or sponsored on a Districtwide basis. Materials that advertise charitable fundraising activities that are not sponsored by the local school may be placed in the school office or other locations to be determined by the school administration.
    2. Level Guidelines
      1. Elementary and Middle Schools may participate in a total of up to four fundraisers every year as outlined below:
        1. One major fundraiser that involves students in the sale of a product/service
        2. One fundraiser sponsored by the School Community Council and selected from the list of Jordan Education Foundations partnership organizations
        3. Two charitable fundraisers
      2. High Schools are not limited to a set number of fundraisers.
    3. Parent Donation Guidelines
      Parent donations to support a specific activity (e. g. field trips) in the school will be accepted and will not be considered a fundraiser if the following stipulations are met:

      1. Donations may be solicited but are entirely optional with regards to parent participation.
      2. Donations must not be a factor in determining if a student participates in the activity for which the donations are solicited.
      3. Donations must be solicited in writing and approved by the school administration.
      4. Donations must be accounted for and recorded through the school office.
    4. Business Partnerships Guidelines
      1. School-based business partnerships that generate revenue, products, or services for the school, based on voluntary participation of students, parents, and community members that do not involve students or the school in the sale of a product or service, are exempt from the level guidelines of this policy.
      2. All requests to form school-based business partnerships must be reviewed and approved by the School Community Council on an annual basis.
      3. Any approved school-based business partnership may request and receive the same promotional access to students and parents afforded to any other school-approved partnership.
    5. Jordan Education Foundation Guidelines
      1. Fundraiser Partnerships  (Foundation-Initiated)
        1. The Jordan Education Foundation develops partnerships with organizations for the purpose of raising funds for the schools and the Foundation.  A list of these organizations is disseminated to the schools on a regular basis.  School personnel are encouraged to consider these partnership organizations, among others, in determining the methods used to raise funds for the school or school organizations.  As noted earlier in this policy, all School Community Council fundraisers must be selected from the Jordan Education Foundation list of partnership fund-raisers.
        2. The Jordan Education Foundation Director shall consult with the Superintendent of Schools or a designee prior to disseminating fundraising information to the schools in the District.
        3. All Jordan Education Foundation partnership fundraisers are subject to the level guidelines of this policy.
      2. Advertising Partnerships (commercial and nonprofit)
        1. The Jordan Education Foundation and the Jordan School District may not distribute advertisements to students unless there is a direct financial benefit to the District from the sale of the advertised product or service.  All requests to distribute advertising to students must be reviewed and approved by the Jordan Education Foundation Director.  The Foundation Director will approve no more than two requests per month, using criteria that evaluates the reputation of the advertising entity and the potential for revenue to support Foundation activities, among others.  The local school administration is responsible to insure that any advertising to be distributed to students has been approved by the Jordan Education Foundation Director.
        2. Advertisements from all other commercial enterprises may be placed in the school office for interested students and parents with the approval of the school administration.


2/25/2020: Board of Education approved the term “Education Support Professionals” to replace “Classified” to describe personnel not licensed as educators.