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GP119 – Legal Counsel for the Board

Effective: 10/27/2015
Reviewed: 5/14/2024

The Board requires an attorney who is guided primarily by the Board’s policies and philosophies; one who seeks to put Board policies and views into effect rather than the potentially differing views of the administration.

  1. The Board expects its directions and wishes to be incorporated into administrative action when counsel regularly interacts with the Board and clearly understands their positions and directions to administrative staff.
    1. Board Counsel, like the members of the administration, works for the Board and is accountable to implement the policies and philosophies of the Board.
    2. Board Counsel provides frequent interaction with the Board and receives regular input from the Board so that counsel can better understand the attitudes and concerns of the Board and can efficiently assist in their implementation.
    3. Board Counsel works with administration to avoid courses of action which could be inconsistent with the direction and ideals of the Board.
    4. Board Counsel alerts the Board to potential issues, assesses the Board’s position on issues, and obtains timely clarification regarding Board intentions.
  2. Should any Board member express concern about possible legal counsel conflict of interest, that concern may become an immediate item on the next monthly Board agenda, so that any perceived conflict can be resolved and the entire Board can be satisfied with the legal counsel representation.