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GP117 – Travel and Other Board Expenses

Effective - 09/25/12
Revision - 4/25/17

At the time of the annual budget approval, the Board may approve Board members’ travel for Board meetings and other travel for official school business. Travel expenses will be compensated in accordance with District policy.

  1. Board members are hereby authorized to be reimbursed for round trip travel expenses from a Board member’s home as required for the transaction of official school business. Official school business is defined as follows:
    1. School events, activities, and meetings, i.e. school openings, graduations, assemblies.
    2. Constituent meetings, i.e. School Community Council, PTA meetings, Town Hall, and Community Connection Meetings.
    3. Board committee and subcommittee meetings.
    4. School visits.
    5. Events sponsored by an entity in which the Board/District holds membership, i.e. USBA, NSBA.
    6. Seminars, conferences, and other educational opportunities which, with the approval of a majority of Board members, would directly assist in the professional development of the individual Board member.
    7. Emergency travel occasioned by unanticipated official business, i.e. legislative matters with the approval of a majority of Board members.
  2. Travel and per diem expenses required for the transaction of official school business shall be paid to Board members according to travel and per diem allowances authorized by Jordan School District guidelines.
  3. Board members may not be paid or reimbursed expenses incurred in the course of non-district business, or to oppose an official position of the Board.
  4. Board members will not be paid travel expenses/mileage for attendance at Board meetings and study sessions.