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GP109 – Construction of the Agenda

Effective: 9/25/2012
Revision: 11/30/2021
Reviewed: 10/10/2023

The Board shall prepare an agenda for all regular and special Board meetings and ensure that copies are provided as required by the Open Meeting Law. Backup materials sufficient to allow Board members to give their prior consideration to the agenda items shall be provided to the Board members in addition to the agenda. Every Board member has the right to contribute to the agenda.

In preparing the agenda, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Board members shall contact the Board Executive Committee (Board President, First Vice President and Second Vice President) in writing prior to each Board meeting requesting items to be placed on the agenda.
    1. If a Board member wishes to place an item on the agenda, he/she will contact a member of the Executive Committee not less than seven days prior to Board meeting when possible.  If a holiday occurs during this period, the deadline may be adjusted.
    2. Each agenda item request should  include a description, desired outcome statement, Board policy if applicable, and name of the person presenting.
    3. When requesting an agenda item, the Board member will specify the timeframe for when the item needs addressed.
    4. Closed session items may be requested by calling  a member of the Executive Committee.
    5. The Board First Vice President and Second Vice President will forward potential agenda items to the Board President.
  2. The Cabinet will submit agenda items to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will submit requested agenda items to the Board President.
  3. According to the posting dates of the agenda, the Executive Committee will review all agenda item requests. Every attempt will be made to honor the requests. Time and circumstances may necessitate the postponement of a requested agenda item. Board members and Superintendent will be notified if their agenda item is not included.
    1. The Board President will review all agenda item requests with the Superintendent.
    2. A draft agenda will be prepared and submitted in a timely manner to the Executive Committee for final approval.
    3. When at all possible, items placed on the agenda shall be referenced to a Board policy or appear on the consent agenda.
    4. An item will automatically be placed on the agenda for the next meeting upon written request of three or more Board members.
    5. The Board will have the final say in the event of a dispute.
    6. The approved agenda will be distributed to Board members and posted according to Open Meeting Laws.
  4. Addendum usage should be as minimal as possible. Addenda will only be used when the item is operationally necessary as determined by the Superintendent. Addendum items with background reference materials will be distributed electronically to Board members prior to the meeting.