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GP104 – Board Officers

  • Effective: 9/25/2012
  • Revision: 11/26/20

Reference: Appendix “Procedures for Election of Board Officers

The officers of the Board shall be a President, a First Vice President, and a Second Vice President. They shall be elected at the first Board of Education meeting in January from among the Board members.

  1. The term of office for all officers shall be two years in accordance with Utah Code 53G-4-201. Board members may be elected to more than one term.
  2. Procedure for the Election of Board Officers: The following procedure, utilized one office at a time, will be used for selecting a Board member to serve for each office:
    1. Nominations: Any Board member may nominate for any office, including the nomination of oneself.
      1. Nominations do not need to be seconded.
      2. A motion, a second, and a vote will close nominations.
      3. See Appendix Procedures for Election of Board Officers” for detailed instructions according to Roberts Rules of Order.
    2. Voting: To be elected to an office, a nominee must receive four affirmative votes.
      1. Voting shall be by raise of hand.
      2. Candidates for an office shall be voted on according to the order of the nominations. The first nominee to receive four votes is elected to the office and the voting ceases for that office.
      3. If no candidate receives a simple majority due to more than two candidates receiving votes, the candidate(s) receiving the lowest number of votes will be given the option to withdraw. Regardless of that candidate’s choice, the Board will move to a run-off vote.
      4. The run-off vote will be only between the two candidates receiving the two lowest numbers of votes. This vote will be by raise of hand. After the run-off vote, a final round of voting will take place, by hand vote, to determine a majority winner. For additional detailed instructions according to Roberts Rules of Order, see the Appendix “Procedures for Election of Board Officers.”
  3. If an office becomes vacant for any reason, the office shall be filled by an election for that office by the Board members in the same manner as outlined in the Procedure for Election of Officers. Election shall take place as soon as possible at a meeting following receipt of notice of the vacancy and in accordance with the Open Meeting Law. If the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall fill the vacancy until the election of a successor.
  4. An officer may be removed from office by provisions in Utah Code 53G-4-203.

Revision history: 2/24/15