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EL303 – Communication and Support to the Board

  • Effective - 09/25/2012
  • Revision -

The Superintendent will not permit the Board to be uninformed or unsupported in its work.

Without limiting the scope of the aforementioned statement, the Superintendent will not:

  1. Neglect to submit monitoring data required by the Board in a timely, accurate, and understandable fashion, directly addressing the provisions of Board policies being monitored (see policy BSC204 Monitoring Superintendent Performance).
  2. Fail to communicate District objectives or fail to provide accurate data which reflects the need for improvement as well as success.
  3. Fail to notify the public when policies are under consideration for revision or adoption.
  4. Fail to report in a timely manner an actual or anticipated noncompliance with a policy of the Board.
  5. Fail to make the Board aware of state and federal legislative changes, District compliance to those changes, relevant trends, changes in Board district policies, anticipated adverse media coverage, threatened or pending lawsuits, significant harm to student(s) or staff, material external and internal changes, particularly changes in the assumptions upon which any Board policy has previously been established.
  6. Fail to support the Board in its Community Connection initiatives that develop community relations and communications with parents, community members, and staff.
  7. Fail to advise the Board if, in the Superintendent’s opinion, the Board is not in compliance with its own policies on Governance Process and Board/Superintendent Connection.
  8. Fail to provide for the Board as many staff and external points of view, all pertinent and significant information, issues and opinions as the Board determines it needs for fully informed Board choices.
  9. Fail to submit to the Board a consent agenda containing items delegated to the Superintendent, yet required by law, regulation, or contract to be Board approved, along with applicable monitoring information.