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E403 – Customer Service

  • Effective - 5/24/2016
  • Revision -

  1. Jordan School District will acknowledge, value, and support students, families, and the community by:
    1. Creating a welcoming culture.
    2. Fostering an inclusive environment where all students are valued.
    3. Addressing problems with efficiency and concern.
    4. Actively partnering with parents to provide educational support to students.
  2. Evidence of the above will be provided through multiple means, including:
    1. Gathering anecdotal evidence through website submissions and interactions with patrons, parents, students, and employees.
    2. Conducting and reviewing the results of School Culture and Climate Surveys with parents, students, and employees.
    3. Conducting and reviewing the results of exit surveys provided to families leaving District schools.
    4. Conducting and reviewing the results of community surveys that include patrons and partners who do not have students in school.