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DP380 – Maternity/Parent Leave

  • Effective       8/11/2020
  • Revised       11/28/2023

  1. Board Directive
    It is the policy of the Board to allow benefit eligible employees Maternity/Parent Leave as indicated below.
  2. Administrative Policy 
    1. Employees applying for Maternity/Parent Leave must apply in Skyward Employee Access under the provisions of DP322 – Family Medical Leave Act.
    2. Benefit-eligible employees shall receive six consecutive calendar weeks of maternity leave, to be used beginning when the child is born, in addition to any other leave for which the employee is already eligible. Medical exceptions may be given by Human Resources. For more information see policies DP324 NEG Sick Leave – Licensed and DP335 NEG Annual Leave – Licensed, DP326 NEG Sick Leave – Education Support Professionals, and DP335B Annual Leave – Education Support Professionals.
    3. A benefit eligible employee shall be paid for contract days which the employee would otherwise have been under contract to work during the six-week maternity leave, but shall not be paid for non-contract days occurring during the maternity leave period.
    4. Benefit-eligible employees shall receive two weeks of parent leave (ten contract days), to be taken during the first year of the child’s life, in addition to any other leave for which the employee is already eligible. A parent taking maternity leave is not eligible for parent leave.
    5. Adoptive parents see policy DP324 NEG Sick Leave – Licensed or DP326 NEG Sick Leave – Education Support Professionals.
    6. Prior to granting maternity/parent leave days, an employee shall agree in writing to repay compensation at his/her daily rate of pay for maternity/parent leave used or granted if he/she terminates employment with the District for other than medical reasons before completion of the current contract year.*
    7. Questions about how this policy applies to an individual family situation should be referred to Human Resources. 

* The Board of Education voted on November 28, 2023, to make the effective revision date retroactive to July 1, 2023.