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DP375 – Vacation Schedule for Administrative Personnel

  • Effective: 7/1/13
  • Revision: 7/26/22
  • Reviewed:

  1. Board Directive
    The Board of Education recognizes the need for all administrative employees to have a vacation from their regular assigned positions.  All contracted administrative employees are eligible to participate in the administrator vacation program.  The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility for developing and administering the administrator vacation policy.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The following administrative policy provisions shall be used for administering the administrator vacation policy:

    1. Administrators will receive twenty (20) vacation days at the beginning of each contract year (frontloaded on July 1).
      1. Administrators earn these days pro rata during the contract year.
      2. Administrators hired after July 1 will receive a prorated number of vacation days that are available to be used on the day that the administrator’s contract begins (frontloaded).  If an administrator resigns or is terminated prior to the end of the contract year, the vacation pay-out amount will be prorated based on the percentage of contract worked, and:
        1. The employee will be compensated, at his/her daily rate (base pay only), for all earned vacation leave not used; or
        2. The employee will be required to reimburse the District, at his/her daily rate (base pay only), for any unearned vacation leave taken.
    2. Vacation days may not be accumulated from one year to the next.  However, unused vacation days allowed for the previous year may be used through December 31 of the current year with approval of the immediate supervisor.  After December 31, the vacation allowance may not exceed the days accrued for the current year.   Any earned vacation over twenty (20) days not used prior to January 1 will be forfeited.
    3. Generally, vacation leave is to be scheduled during off-peak work seasons.  Employees must submit vacation leave requests, with reasonable advance notice, to their supervisor for approval.
      1. School administrator vacation days are to be used when school is not in session (non-student days).  Year-Round Education (YRE) administrators are exempted from this requirement.
      2. School administrators, not including YRE administrators, may use up to five (5) of their vacation days when school is in session provided that the vacation leave is pre-approved by a supervisor. Taking three (3) or more vacation days in a row when school is in session requires approval fourteen (14) days in advance by the appropriate Administrator of Schools.
    4. Policy DP344 Vacation Schedule for Twelve-Month Personnel does not apply to administrators qualifying under this policy.