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DP353 NEG – Assault or Abuse of Employees

  • Effective: 2/23/1988
  • Revision: 6/22/2004
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2013

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes that employees should not be subject to abuse in the workplace, and delegates to the District Administration responsibility for developing guidelines for handling incidents of verbal and physical abuse.
  2. Administration Policy
    Abuse will be considered any verbal or physical conduct which places an employee at risk or in fear of personal safety including verbal or physical threats, gross profanity, intimidating gestures, or physical contact such as kicking, striking, pushing, or physically assaulting with or without a weapon. Abusive conduct, physical or verbal, will not be tolerated.

    1. Procedures for handling abuse/assault incidents.
      1. Employees will take appropriate precautionary measures to avoid abuse/assault incidents.
      2. If an abuse/assault incident occurs, abused employees will immediately notify their immediate supervisor.
      3. The immediate supervisor will conduct an initial evaluation of the incident, requesting assistance from his/her division administrator, Jordan District police officers or other police officers as appropriate.
        1. In cases of abuse/assault or threatened abuse/assault, an employee may be removed from the building until the immediate supervisor determines it is safe for the employee to return.
        2. Employees who are removed from a building for safety reasons shall be placed on leave with pay.
        3. Paid leave taken for safety reasons does not impact the individual's other leave benefits.
      4. Statements will be taken from all parties involved and from witnesses to the incident.
      5. Related evidence will be gathered or recorded photographically.
      6. Victims of physical abuse will undergo a physical examination by a qualified physician at district expense even if injury is minimal.
      7. The district will make restitution to an employee for verifiable damage or loss of personal property to the extent the district's liability insurance provides such coverage.
      8. Employees whose clothing, glasses, or other items worn upon the body are damaged or destroyed as the result of an assault shall be reimbursed for verifiable damages.
    2. Disposition of abuse/assault incidents
      1. All incidents of employee abuse will be reported to the District compliance officer.
      2. The District compliance officer will be responsible to follow through with the case and take the necessary steps to assure that the issue is resolved and appropriate disciplinary policies and procedures are implemented.