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DP349 NEG – Reduction in Force—Contract Education Support Professionals

  • Effective: 9/28/1981
  • Revision: 7/12/2011
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2014

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes the need for an orderly process when circumstances make it necessary to reduce staff.  In the event that it becomes necessary to reduce staff, responsibility is delegated to the District Administration for implementing the policy according to established policy provisions.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Reduction in Force Policy for education support professionals shall be implemented according to the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Reduction in Force
      1. In the event of declining student enrollment, the discontinuance or substantial reduction of a particular service or program, the shortage of anticipated revenue, school consolidation, or other unforeseen circumstances, it may become necessary to initiate a reduction in force (RIF).  If a RIF is necessary, seniority will not be used in employee RIF determinations; however, decisions may be within the discretion of the school district to consider the following:
        1. Program and staffing needs of the District
        2. Employee performance evaluation (Jordan Education Support Professionals Evaluation System)
      2. Under normal circumstances, staff members who are to be affected by a reduction in force shall receive at least thirty (30) days notice.
    2.  Rehire
      1. If an education support professional is terminated through a RIF, the employee will be given first consideration for available positions for which they apply and qualify within one (1) year of the date of the RIF.  However, there is no guarantee of continued employment.
      2. If an education support professional subject to a RIF is rehired within one calendar year from the date of the RIF, the employee will receive appropriate step increases, if any have been authorized, and accrued sick leave and other leave benefits will be reinstated at the level existing at the time of the RIF, excluding accrued vacation previously paid out.  If an employee accepts a position on a lower salary lane, benefits and salary will be adjusted to reflect the new lane placement.