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DP310 – Salary Deductions

  • Effective: 9/29/1969
  • Revision: 7/22/2014

  1. Board Directive
    The Board, as a service to its employees, authorizes the District Administration to provide for salary deductions from salaries paid for programs required by law and those approved by the Board.
  2. Administrative Policy
    Deductions from salary shall be made in accordance with the following provisions:

    1. All personnel who are contracted  are required to participate in the Utah State Retirement System as provided by law.
    2. Routine deductions shall be made for those deductions requiredby law according to the proper legal schedule.
      1. Social Security
      2. Income Tax (Federal and State)
    3. Deductions for dues to professional organizations, group medical insurance, United Way, special insurance premiums, annuities and other approved deductions shall be made only upon written request by the employee.