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DP308 – Part-Time Support Personnel

  • Effective: 5/24/1971
  • Revision: 12/14/2010
  • Reviewed: 5/28/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes that the primary responsibility of the total educational process is to provide services to individual students through individualization of programs based on the student's needs, interests and talents.   The Board also recognizes that it is the primary responsibility of the teacher to spend the greatest proportion of his/her time instructing students.  Part-time support personnel may be employed to assist teachers in the educational process.  The Board delegates to the Administration the responsibility to develop and administer a policy regarding part-time support personnel.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration will administer the policy in accordance with the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Support personnel work under the direction and supervision of the principal, director, and/or teacher, as applicable.  The teacher has the primary responsibility to educate students, and therefore, should not delegate such responsibility to support personnel.
    2. Support personnel complete a variety of tasks and assignments as outlined in a specific job description and must be able to complete all essential functions listed in the description.  Some of these assignments may include secretarial, clerical, nutrition, custodial, or classroom instruction.
    3. Support personnel employed as classroom or instructional assistants may perform actual instructional tasks under the direction of a teacher.  Under no circumstances would they (1) diagnose educational needs, (2) prescribe action, or (3) evaluate the results of instruction.
    4. The local school administrator will be responsible for developing the staffing pattern of the individual department or grade level.  This will be done in the school in cooperation with the professional staff of these departments or grade levels.  Department directors will also determine staffing patterns based on their department needs and available funding.
    5. All support personnel are considered supplementary and are employed upon the recommendation of the principal with the approval of the Administration.
    6. Support personnel are temporary, non-contracted employees and are considered at-will.  That is, either the employee or Jordan School District may end the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, or for no reason.  Support personnel are employed on a part-time basis only.  Support personnel do not accrue or earn District seniority and are not eligible for any District benefits or state retirement.
    7. If the principal or director determines that there are problems regarding staffing that he/she is unable to solve at the local level, he/she should communicate these problems to the Administrator of Human Resources or his/her designated representative.
    8. The Administrator of Human Resources will involve the respective Administrator of Schools in reviewing the problem and making a recommendation.
    9. Recommendations for the use of support personnel must be approved by the respective Administrators of Schools.
    10. The principal is responsible for ensuring that the support personnel are used in the roles for which they have been hired.
    11. It is the principal's or director’s responsibility to obtain optimum use of the support personnel through the development of an in-service training program for both professional educators and support personnel as well as providing adequate supervision.
    12. The teacher is responsible for using support personnel (within the framework of the job description) to provide the best possible program for the individual student.  Proper use of support personnel will provide the best possible program for the individual student. Proper use of support personnel will provide the professional educator more time to:
      1. Diagnose learning needs of students
      2. Prescribe educational programs for students in accordance with those needs
      3. Interpret and evaluate the results of instruction or testing
    13. The Administration, as they consider the employment of support personnel, will follow job descriptions as approved for individual positions.