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DP301 – Appearance and Attire of Employees

Effective: 8/27/1969
Revision: 3/27/1990
Reviewed: 5/28/2013

  1. Board Directive
    Employees of Jordan School District are expected to adhere to standards in grooming and dress which reflect a positive image to students and patrons and which are in keeping with a professional education system.  The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility for establishing policy for employee appearance and attire.
  2. Administrative Policy
    Employee appearance and attire is the responsibility of the Administration and shall be administered according to the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Employees shall maintain standards of personal cleanliness which are conducive to good health and contribute to a pleasant working environment.
    2. Employees shall be neatly groomed and dressed in clothing which is suited to the day's work or activity.
    3. Employees shall dress in a manner befitting adults who serve
      as role models for students.