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DE501 – Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee

  • Effective: 3/9/1982
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2013

  1. Board Directive
    Students in the Jordan School District are entitled to a broad educational experience utilizing appropriate curriculum materials.  To ensure that the quality of such materials meets the expectations of the community, the Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility of organizing a Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee.  The Committee will review curriculum materials as necessary.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee will function under the direction of the Administrator of Teaching and Learning.

    1. The Committee will meet to:
      1. Review and adopt materials for use in Jordan District Schools giving first priority to those materials that appear on the State Textbook Adoption List.
      2. Review other items and information related to curriculum materials as appropriate and necessary.
    2. The Committee may be called into special session as needed.
    3. Decisions and recommendations by the Committee will be forwarded to the Administration and the Board of Education for their consideration and approval.
    4. The Committee, with the approval of the Administrator of Teaching and Learning, will develop a set of guidelines and procedures to be used in conducting the business that is presented to the Committee for action and/or recommendations.
    5. Members of the Committee will be appointed as follows:
      1. The Board may recommend five members from the community representing each administrative area.
      2. The chairperson of the appropriate principals' organization or his/her designees will serve as the Committee chairperson.
      3. A total of five principals will serve on the committee with representation from each of the administrative areas.
      4. A District Teaching and Learning consultant will serve as a Committee member and will function as secretary of the Committee.
      5. Teacher representatives will be nominated by the school principals.  Committee members will be selected from the lists of nominees and approved by the Administrative Cabinet.  Teacher members will be those who have demonstrated competency in the curriculum area being studied.