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DA170 – School Bus Discipline

  • Effective: 5/24/1971
  • Revision: 8/23/1994
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes the need for school bus discipline in order to assure the safety and well-being of school bus passengers, drivers, and others. Therefore, the Board delegates to the District Administration responsibility for establishing policy for school bus discipline.  The privilege of riding the bus is conditional upon compliance with this policy.
  2. Administrative Policy
    School bus discipline shall be administered according to the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. The school bus driver shall be responsible for maintaining discipline when traveling on a regular bus route, on a field trip or activity run, and while loading and unloading students.
      1. The school bus driver has authority to stop any student behavior which is disruptive, distracting, hazardous, in violation of policy, or in any way poses a threat to safety.
      2. When student passengers are accompanied by a supervising adult, the bus driver shall work through the adult to see that discipline is maintained. The supervising adult is responsible to assure proper student conduct on the school bus.
    2. In providing transportation services, the school bus driver shall adhere to the following:
      1. The driver shall travel prescribed routes except when emergency conditions necessitate a route change.
      2. The driver shall stop the bus to load and unload students only at authorized bus stops or as designated by field trip or travel plans.
      3. Eligibility for bus service shall be based on District and state guidelines.
      4. The driver may make seating assignments.
    3. In order to assure that school buses provide a clean, safe environment, the following regulations shall be observed:
      1. Students shall not be allowed on the bus unless the driver is present.
      2. Students shall not consume drinks or food items on the bus except when unusual circumstances warrant a special clearance from the driver.
      3. No illegal substances, hazardous materials, nuisance items, or animals shall be brought aboard the bus, except approved service animals as required by law.
      4. Bus doorways, steps, aisles, and driving compartments shall be kept free of students, equipment, personal items, etc.
      5. Incidents of vandalism shall be investigated and restitution sought for damages.
    4. The code of student conduct shall be posted in each school bus.
    5. Students who bring a weapon or facsimile of a weapon on the bus or who commit arson, burglary, larceny, criminal mischief, battery or assault, or engage in activities which violate federal, state or local laws, shall be disciplined in accordance with the procedures outlined in Policy AS67—Discipline of Students.
    6. The following procedures shall be implemented when a rule of student conduct is broken which does not constitute prohibited behavior as outlined in Policy AS67—Discipline of Students:
      1. First Minor Offense:
        The driver shall give a verbal warning.
      2. Repeated Minor Offenses and Serious First Offenses:
        The driver shall issue a student ticket, providing copies for the parents and school administrator.
      3. Continuing Problems and Repeated Serious Offenses:
        The driver shall issue a "Second Offense" ticket, providing copies for the parents and school administrator. The school administrator shall implement disciplinary procedures.
    7. Disciplinary procedures for serious or repeated violations of the rules of student conduct:

      1. The school administrator shall hold a conference with the offending student.
      2. The school administrator shall notify parents of the school bus incident.
      3. The school administrator shall determine appropriate disciplinary action; i.e., reprimand, place on probation, conference with parents, etc.
      4. If the student's riding privileges are in question, a conference must be held with the student, parent, bus driver, and school administrator to determine appropriate corrective action.
      5. The student's due process rights are to be assured according to guidelines outlined in Policy AS67—Discipline of Students.
    8. When student behavior poses an immediate threat to safety, the bus driver shall do the following:
      1. Stop the bus and identify the student(s) involved.
      2. Restore order.
        1. An offending student may not be ejected from the bus except at the regular bus stop or at the school.
        2. If order cannot be restored, the driver shall call for assistance from the Transportation Department or local police department.
      3. Corrective disciplinary measures shall be determined by the school administrator according to the procedures outlined in Policy AS67—Discipline of Students.
    9. Information on Policy DA170 School Bus Discipline shall be made available to parents annually as part of the student registration materials.