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DA169 – Special Transportation Services

  • Effective: 9/2/1969
  • Revision: 6/18/1996
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board authorizes the use of buses for school activities which are related to the educational program and delegates to the Administration the responsibility to administer the policy for special transportation services.
  2. Administrative Policy
    In planning, scheduling, and sponsoring special transportation services, the following administrative policy provisions shall be followed:

    1. Special trips which extend beyond a 50-mile radius from the District Office must be approved by the area Administrator of Schools.
    2. As a general rule, payment for field trips/activity runs shall be based on actual driving time and layover time plus one-half hour allowance for inspecting, cleaning and fueling the bus.
    3. Special trip assignments which consume two hours or less of a driver's time shall require a fee for two hours.
    4. Driver fees for assignments which extend beyond one day or which involve overnight stays shall be as follows:
      1. A driver shall be paid for eight (8) hours per day at his/her regular rate of pay, plus prior approved living expenses.
      2. If a driver exceeds eight (8) hours of actual driving time, he/she shall be paid for the full driving time, but not to exceed ten (10) hours in any day.