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BSC202 – Accountability of the Superintendent

  • Effective:    9/25/2012
  • Revision:    4/23/19

While the Superintendent is the Board’s primary link to operational achievement and conduct the Board also recognizes the value of teamwork and seeks to work in harmony with District personnel.


  1. The Board will acknowledge that all authority and accountability of staff is derived from the authority and accountability of the Superintendent.
  2. An individual Board member may communicate with, but will not make extensive/excessive requests of staff.  As a courtesy, Board members shall make the Superintendent aware of requests.
  3. The Board will not evaluate, either formally or informally, any staff other than the Superintendent and Business Administrator.
  4. The Board will recognize the relationship between Superintendent performance and organizational performance. Organizational accomplishments of Board-stated Ends and adherence to other Board policies will be viewed as indicators of successful Superintendent performance.