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AS96 – Extracurricular Activity Privileges

  • Effective: 7/12/2011
  • Revision:

  1. Board Policy
    The Board recognizes that students who engage in extracurricular activities in the Jordan School District are representatives of the School District and engage in such extracurricular activities as a matter of privilege and not of right. The Board recognizes the need to address serious conduct that may impact ability of the student to act as a representative of the School District which takes place off school property and that is not during school hours, but which nevertheless impacts team spirit, team unity and the educational process of the school district.
  2. Administration Policy
    1. This Policy supersedes all local school policies, team codes and rules.
    2. Any student charged with any felony shall be suspended from participating in any school district sponsored extracurricular activities until the charge is resolved. If the charge results in acquittal or the charges are dropped, then the student shall be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. However, any charge that results in a finding of guilty or entry of a plea of no contest, then the student shall be suspended from all extracurricular activities in the school district for 180 school days after entry of the finding, or the remainder of the school year, whichever is longer.
  3. Guidelines
    1. Student Discipline
      1. Students who are charged with any felony shall be suspended by the school principal from participating in any School District sponsored extracurricular activities as described in AS96 II. B above. Parents/Guardians must be notified of the activity suspension and be notified that the student may also be subject to further discipline pursuant to Policy AS67 NEG—Discipline of Students if or when such action becomes warranted.
    2. Employee Responsibilities
      1. School District employees who become aware of or reasonably believe that felony charges have been filed on a student shall immediately (by the next working day) report that information either to the building principal or the designee of the Superintendent of Schools. The principal shall promptly notify their immediate supervisor upon receiving a report of a felony charge.
      2. Principals who receive a report of a felony charge on a student shall, within twenty working days after receipt of such report, verify the accuracy of the report, apply the suspension as required and submit a report to the Superintendent’s designee which includes:
        (a) available details leading to the felony charge
        (b) the identity of the person/persons involved
        (c) action taken in response
      3. A review of the principal’s decision by the program specialist of Student Intervention Services may be requested by the parent/guardian of the charged student. The request must include written notification asking for the review as well as other pertinent documents submitted by the charged student’s family.