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AS84 – Health and Nursing Services

  • Effective: 9/30/1969
  • Revision: 2/25/2014

  1. Board Directive
    The Board accepts, as a basic responsibility, protecting the health of school children and providing a program of health education that promotes good health habits and concepts through health and nursing services.  The Board delegates the responsibility for policy regarding health and nursing services to the Administration.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration shall develop and organize a program that will provide nursing services to students with identified healthcare needs under the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Services to Regular Schools
      1. The District nurse, under the direction of Educational Support Services shall:
        1. Provide resource/support to teachers responsible for children with acute and chronic health conditions.
          1. The District nurse may develop an individual healthcare plan.
          2. Provide training and support for administration of medication in the school setting (see policy AS85 Medication in the School Setting).
        2. Respond to local school health related emergencies.
        3. Vision screening shall be administered under the direction of the District nurse.
        4. Provide inservice to educators/volunteers in the following health related areas:
          1. Dental hygiene
          2. Personal hygiene
          3. Nutrition
          4. Maturation
          5. Kindergarten orientation
        5. Coordinate communicable disease control by:
          1. Supporting local and state health department for identification of contacts and source cases.
          2. Providing instruction for treatment.
          3. Making referrals to appropriate health care providers.
          4. Making recommendation for student exclusion.
          5. Participating in appropriate, necessary follow-up activities.
      2. Designated school personnel will be responsible for  maintaining immunization compliance and records of the student body.   District nurses provide training and advisement on maintaining compliance and completing state reports.
      3. A designated staff member of the local school will order and maintain necessary first-aid supplies.
      4. Under the direction of the school administration, trained middle school personnel are responsible for providing examinations for abnormal spinal curvature each year for students in the seventh and eighth grades, including all children with disabilities in the same age group.  A District nurse will be available to provide training, complete follow-up exams, and referrals.
    2. Services to Kauri Sue Hamilton School
      1. The nurse(s) will provide the following nursing services:
        1. Provide primary nursing care.
        2. Plan and update health care plans.
        3. Receive, administer and record daily medications at Kauri Sue Hamilton School.
        4. Take vital signs and maintain weight records.
        5. Train school staff twice yearly to administer g-tube feedings and maintain feeding records.
        6. Train school staff to monitor seizure activity and maintain seizure log.
        7. Train appropriate school staff and transportation staff on the use of Vagal Nerve Stimulator
        8. Train school staff and transportation staff on anaphylaxis reactions and the use of the Epi-pen.
        9. Assess maladaptive responses to health problems.
        10. Conduct physical assessment of high risk or referred students.
        11. Provide health counseling and instruction to students and staff.
        12. Maintain immunization records.
        13. Conduct scoliosis and vision screening according to state guidelines.
        14. Effectively communicate healthcare needs with families, guardians, school and District staff, healthcare providers and others as indicated for school healthcare plans and emergency care.
        15. Make referrals to appropriate healthcare providers.