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AS69 – Student Pregnancies

  • Effective: 5/23/1978
  • Revision: 10/27/2015

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes that some teenagers become parents and take on the responsibility for supporting a child before they may be fully prepared to support themselves.  Teenage parents are called upon to guide their child's emotional and learning development while finishing their own education.  Therefore, the Board delegates to the Administration responsibility for providing a meaningful educational program to meet the special needs of teenage parents.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration recognizes the need to provide a specialized educational program for teenage parents in order to assist both mothers and fathers toward high school graduation.

    1. Pregnant girls may elect one of the following options:
      1. Remain enrolled in traditional school
      2. Enroll in Valley High School
      3. Be referred for Home and Hospital Instruction
        To be on Home and Hospital instruction, a girl must have a letter from her doctor stating why she needs to be instructed at home and approval of the principal.
    2. Under the direction of Valley High School, a Teenage Parents' Program will be offered to all pregnant girls, married or unmarried, and to all qualifying teenage parents who reside in the District.
      1. Credits and grades will be issued through Valley High School.
      2. Students living outside the District and not already enrolled in a District school cannot be enrolled in the program.
    3. In all cases, final eligibility for entrance to the program will be determined by the principal of Valley High School and the Administrator of Schools.
    4. Upon request, a counselor will be available to provide guidance for students as needed.
    5. Students are required to furnish their own transportation to and from Valley High once their baby is born.
    6. Staff members will work closely with outside agencies that refer students to the Teenage Parents' Program in order to meet the unique needs of the participating students.

Revision history:  4/29/88