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AA421B – Educational Support Professionals Professional Improvement Committee

  • Effective: 6/29/1999
  • Revision: 9/8/2009
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes the value of a competent, professionallyeducation support professionals staff and authorizes establishment of an Educational Support Professionals Professional Improvement Committee  (ESPPIC) to encourage, guide, and reward the professional development of education support professionals staff.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The Administration shall administer this policy in accordance with the following administrative policy provisions:

    1. Membership
      The Jordan School District ESPPIC shall consist of the following members:

      1. The Administrator of Teaching and Learning or designee.
        1. The Administrator of Teaching and Learning or designee shall act as chairperson.
        2. The chairperson shall vote only in the case of a tie.
      2. Two principals (one elementary and one secondary)
        1. The two principals shall be nominated by the Administrators of Schools and will serve two-year terms.
        2. The elementary principal term expires on the odd year, and the secondary principal term expires on the even year.
      3. One representative from each of the following advisory committees: District Office Support Staff (DOSS), Custodial, Maintenance, Transportation, Central Warehouse, Secretaries, Nutrition Services, Instructional Assistants.
        1. Advisory committee representatives shall be nominated by the employee agent group and approved by the Superintendent.
        2. Representatives will serve two-year terms. Custodial, Maintenance, DOSS, and Nutrition Services terms expire on the odd years, and Central Warehouse, Transportation, Instructional Assistants, and Secretaries terms expire on the even years.
      4. One representative from the employee agent group presidency.
    1. Schedule of Meetings
      ESPPIC meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of the month.  Meetings will be scheduled as often as business requires.  Minutes shall be recorded and distributed to committee members.
    2. Functional Responsibilities
      1. The ESPPIC shall review all in-service requests for credit and make recommendations regarding approval.  Upon ESPPIC approval, the Administrator of Teaching and Learning shall sign the in-service requests.
        1. Any District education support professional may submit to the ESPPIC a request for a specific in-service course.  The Staff Development Office will then arrange for the class according to District policy provisions.
        2. The in-service class must be approved by ESPPIC before the class begins.
        3. Only requests received by the 25th of the month will be assured consideration at the next ESPPIC meeting.
        4. The request must meet an established District need.
      2. The ESPPIC shall review course evaluations and make recommendations based upon the results.
      3. The school principal or his/her designee shall serve as the in-service information disseminator at each school.
      4. Upon completion of the in-service course, the participant will be given a certificate of completion that the participant may submit for inclusion in his/her personnel file.

2/25/2020: Board of Education approved the term “Education Support Professionals” to replace “Classified” to describe personnel not licensed as educators.