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AA415 – Student Local Activity/Athletic Travel

  • Effective: 11/18/1997
  • Revision: 12/10/2002

  1. Board Policy
    The Board is concerned that students devote as much time as possible in the pursuit of excellence in the basic areas of the curriculum. The Board also recognizes that activities are an essential part of a student’s school experience and that most activities involving competition between schools should be reserved for high school students. Middle and elementary school activities should be conducted at the local school level as much as possible and within the established guidelines for field trips (AA416).

    1. High school activities include those sponsored by the following:
      1. Utah High School Activities Association
      2. State and/or national affiliated associations
      3. Local school and district sponsored programs
    2. The Administration will obtain information concerning the travel needs from the local schools. The Administration will develop guidelines that will bring into focus the financial feasibility and the priority of the schools.
    3. The Board supports the regulations concerning intrastate competition as approved by the Utah High School Activities Association.
  2. Administration Policy
    High school principals have the responsibility of planning student travel in relationship to the activity program. The following guidelines apply when using District transportation services:

    1. Utah High School Activities Association
      1. District buses may be used to transport participants to UHSAA events or other types of activities as determined by the school administration in conjunction with the Director of Transportation.
      2. Transportation for student spectators in District buses, at student expense, may approved when a specific need arises.
      3. Requests for use of buses are to be submitted to the Transportation Department at least two weeks in advance. This time period may be waived when schools compete in region and state tournaments.
    2. State Affiliated and Local School Activities
      1. Requests for use of District buses to support travel to state affiliated activities and other local school activities are to be submitted to the Transportation Department.
      2. These requests will be considered individually. They must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. This time period is waived when schools compete in region and state tournaments.
    3. When the District does not provide transportation in connection with a school-related activity or event, the following will apply:
      1. Each student desiring to participate in such an activity or event must submit a “Participation Disclosure and Acknowledgment” form signed by the student and the student’s parent or guardian which acknowledges that no transportation is being provided by the District and that the student’s participation is conditioned on the student arranging for his or her own transportation to events or competitions associated with the activity. The student may not be a member of the particular team or organization, nor participate in the activity, unless a completed “Participation Disclosure and Acknowledgement” form is on file.
      2. When involved in ATE/work-based learning experiences, students will utilize the “Activity Authorization” form developed by the Wasatch Front South Consortium.
    4. Organized tours involving post graduates (especially graduation celebrations) will not be sponsored by the local school or Jordan School District.
    5. Insurance coverage of any type excluding tort liability will not be underwritten by the local school or Jordan School District.
    6. In accordance with Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) bylaws, all practice games over 150 miles one way in any sport must be approved by the local Board of Education or its representative at the District Office. The request for approval must be submitted by the principal, on official school letterhead, and an eligibility list of that particular sport must be attached. Details of the travel experience must be provided.