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A11 – Naming of Facilities

  • Effective: 1/2/2001
  • Revision: 9/8/2009

  1. Board Policy
    It is the desire of the Board of Education that each new building or other facility within the District is given a name that lends dignity and status to the school or facility. Therefore, the Board authorizes the administration to develop guidelines for administering the naming of new buildings, existing facilities, or parts of facilities.
  2. Administration Policy
    The policy on naming new buildings will be administered as follows:

    1.  The Board of Education reserves the right to name all new buildings that are constructed or purchased. This will be accomplished after community input and by submission of an appropriate name by members of the Board of Education. The name for any new facility must be approved by the Board of Education by a majority vote.
    2. Anyone desiring to have a new building, existing facility, or part of a facility in Jordan School District named after an individual should first refer to District Policy A9—Named Gifts to Jordan School District. If unique circumstances exist that would compel the Board of Education to consider naming a District facility or a portion of a facility outside the scope of Policy A9, the guidelines listed below must be followed:
      1. The process for the naming of any existing facility or portion of a facility must begin with the building principal or building administrator. Only the building principal or administrator can make recommendations to the District relative to these issues.
      2. The Board will consider petitions or recommendations for the naming of a facility or portion of a facility providing ample time is given to the Board for a response. Requests from the principal or administrator must provide evidence of significant community input and should be submitted to the Board of Education. Significant community input means that at least 50 percent of the patrons of the school have expressed support, in writing, through letters, ballots, or petitions. Documentation outlining the justifications as to why the board should consider naming a facility in honor of an individual must be submitted a minimum of two months in advance of the naming of the facility.
      3. The person for whom the facility is named must be someone who has made a significant contribution to the educational system or community for a minimum of at least ten (10) years and if involved with the school or District as a full-time or part-time employee, paraprofessional or volunteer, the individual under consideration must be retired for at least five years. Individuals not in these categories must be deceased for at least one year before consideration will be given to naming a school facility in his/her memory.
      4. No dedicatory ceremonies for any facility are to take place until written approval has been received from the Board of Education.
      5. If the school administration or community desires to establish a process for placing memorial displays in a school, a committee representing the administration, faculty and community must be formed to select any names to be considered. Location of plaques of this nature must be approved by both the Administrator of Auxiliary Services and the appropriate Administrator of Schools.
      6. No District funds are to be allocated for the purchase of memorial plaques or similar recognitions. Installation of any kind of memorabilia must be accomplished either by or under the direction of Jordan School District.
      7. All schools must follow established procurement practices, building codes, etc.