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A10 – Departmental Advisory Councils—Education Support Professionals

  • Effective: 6/13/1995
  • Revision: 7/1/2023
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board authorizes establishment of Department Advisory Councils to provide an orderly, professional means of improving program coordination and communications within departments for education support professionals.
  2. Administrative Policy
    Department Advisory Councils shall be administered as follows:

    1. Organization and Operation
      1. Department Advisory Councils shall be composed of representatives mutually appointed by the employee agent and the  department administrator.  Employee agent representatives will be appointed yearly by the employee agent group.
      2. The council membership shall select a chairman to serve for a one-year term.
      3. Councils shall address issues and items of business introduced by the council members with the exception of administrative policies and programs which are outside the purview of the department.
      4. Each council shall meet monthly or as often as business dictates.
        1. Meetings of the Council shall be held at other than regular working hours. If circumstances should require that a meeting be held during working hours, committee members may be excused from their regular duties without loss of pay.
        2. If no agenda items are submitted by the Wednesday prior to the meeting, the scheduled meeting will be canceled.
      5. Minutes of each council meeting shall be kept and distributed to department employees, Superintendent, Administrator of Auxiliary Services, Administrator of Human Resources, and the employee agent group.
      6. Based upon District and department needs, new Department Advisory Councils may be developed as needed.  Educational support professionals who are not served by a Department Advisory Council shall continue to direct concerns to the District Advisory Council.
    2. Council Membership
      1. Custodial Advisory Council:  Membership shall include one high school head custodian, one middle school head custodian, one year-round and one traditional elementary head custodian, one lead custodian, one assistant custodian, one Custodial Specialist, one custodial representative, and the Director of Custodial and Energy Services.
      2. Nutrition Services Advisory Council:  Membership shall include one high school manager, one middle school manager, one year-round and one traditional elementary manager, one traditional, one year-round and one secondary nutrition services worker, one secondary lunch clerk, one nutrition services representative, the Director of Nutrition Services, and one coordinator designated by the director.
      3. Maintenance Advisory Council:  Membership shall include one representative from each of the following trades—audio visual, carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing, trade repairs, HVAC, mechanical, and grounds plus one maintenance representative, the Director of Facility Services, and one lead person designated by the director.
      4. Transportation Advisory Council:  Membership shall include one bus driver, one bus attendant, one mechanic, one special education driver, one transportation representative, the Director of Transportation, the transportation coordinator(s) and the secretary.

2/25/2020: Board of Education approved the term “Education Support Professionals” to replace “Classified” to describe personnel not licensed as educators.