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A5B NEG – Released Time for Education Support Professionals Agent Group President

  • Effective: 6/19/2001
  • Revision: 6/12/2007
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2014

  1. Board Directive
    The Board authorizes the release of the education support professionals agent group president as specified below and directs the Administration to allow such absences according to the following provisions.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The following administrative policy provisions shall be followed in administering this policy:

    1. The employee agent group president, when serving on a released-time basis, will be released from his/her current assignment.  The employee agent will reimburse the District the total salary and benefits of the president for such released time.
    2. The released time president will declare whether it is his/her intention to return to his/her assignment previously held.  If so, at the completion of his/her term of office, the Association president will be returned to the school building, department or site where previously assigned.
    3. The right of return to the same position will exist for a maximum of two (2) years.  If a request is made for an additional term of office, the president will be guaranteed a return to the District in a position for which he/she is qualified.  The return after three (3) years may not necessarily be in the same building, department, or site which the president left.
    4. If appropriate, the individual(s) replacing the released-time president will be advised that the placement is for a limited term.
    5. Time served as released president will be counted for purposes of experience credit on the District salary schedule.  The released president will accrue all sick leave, personal leave and other leave allowed by District policy.
    6. If the employee agent group president is not serving on a full-time released-time basis, the following provisions will apply:
      1. The employee agent shall be allowed up to twenty-five (25) days per year for its president to perform employee agent business.
      2. The employee agent shall pay appropriate salary and benefit costs for days used up to twenty-five (25).
      3. These twenty-five (25) working days of release time do not include time spent on District-assigned  committee/task force meetings.
      4. For time spent on District-assigned committee/task force meetings, the employee agent group president must present a document to his/her supervisor, signed by the Superintendent, authorizing the released time.
      5. The normal notification procedures used for leave shall be followed.

2/25/2020: Board of Education approved the term “Education Support Professionals” to replace “Classified” to describe personnel not licensed as educators.