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  • Effective: 9/13/2005
  • Revision: 8/11/2009
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2014

  1. Board Directive
    The Board of Education has statutory authority over all issues relating to the effective and efficient operation of the school district (Utah Code Title 53A Chapter 03).  Locally elected Board of Education members should retain the right to operate the school district without undue influence or control from outside groups, organizations, associations, political parties, or special interests.  The Board authorizes the Administration to administer the negotiated policies on behalf of the Board.
  2. Administrative Policy
    1. The Board of Education recognizes the need to negotiate with employee issues relating to wages, hours, and working conditions.  Effective immediately, only the following policies will remain as negotiated polices:
      1. DP370B NEG Alternative Leave Day—Classified
      2. DA168 NEG Assignment of Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants
      3. DP353 NEG Assault or Abuse of Employees
      4. DP330B NEG Bereavement Leave—Classified
      5. DP315B NEG Grievance Procedure—Classified
      6. DP 336B NEG Leave of Absence (1 Year)—Classified
      7. DP 337B NEG Leave of Absence—(Personal-15 Days)—Classified
      8. DP 335B NEG Personal Leave—Classified
      9. A6 NEG Negotiations—Licensed and Classified
      10. A6B NEG Negotiated Policies—Classified
      11. DP354B NEG Attendance Incentive—Classified
      12. DP347 NEG Protection of Employees
      13. DP349 NEG Reduction in Force—Contract Classified Employees
      14. A5B NEG Released Time for Classified Employee Agent Group President
      15. DP326 NEG Sick Leave—Classified
      16. DP314 NEG Provisional and Probationary Classified Personnel
      17. DP343 NEG Hours of Work—Classified
      18. DP319B NEG Retirement—Classified

      NOTE: Any other policies or specific aspects of certain policies where negotiation with employee groups is stipulated by state or federal law.

    2. A negotiated agreement entered into by the Board will be posted on the District’s website within ten (10) days of ratification of the agreement.

  • Effective: 5/14/1985
  • Revision: 10/26/2010
  • Revised: 5/28/2013

  1. Board Directive
    The Board of Education recognizes that one of the most important aspects of the education process is the relationship that teachers have with students.  The Board also recognizes that there are times when a very efficient, professional teacher may have circumstances where it would be beneficial for him/her to work part time. Although job sharing or part-time assignments (half-time ore more) may provide a positive alternative in the school staffing pattern, the needs of students within the school's educational program will be of primary concern.  Consequently, job share or part-time assignments (half-time or more) must be compatible with the District philosophy, goals, and strategic plan.  The Board delegates to the District Administration the responsibility for administering this policy.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The District will allow two licensed individuals to share one position or for an individual to be hired on a part-time basis (half-time or more) with the approval of the local school principal and the appropriate Administrator of Schools.  The Human Resources Department will be responsible for processing job sharing or part-time (half-time or more) requests accordingly:

    1. Only two licensed employees may share one (1) full-time position.  At least one (1) of the licensed employees must have one or more years of successful teaching experience in Jordan School District.  An applicant for a job sharing position who is not a current licensed employee of Jordan School District will be considered upon recommendation of the Human Resources Department, the supervising principal and the appropriate Administrator of Schools.  Teachers desiring to job share will be required to find a qualified, licensed teacher with whom to share the position.
    2. A written plan must be presented to the principal by the licensed employee(s) desiring to job share.  The plan must meet the needs of the individual students within the school's educational program and be approved by both the principal and the Administrator of Schools.  After the fourth continuous year in a job share, a simplified written plan shall be submitted to the principal and Administrator of Schools for approval.
    3. If two (2) licensed employees from two (2) different schools propose a plan to job share at one of the schools, approval must be obtained from the principal where job sharing will take place, the Administrator of Schools and the Human Resources Department.
    4. Each job sharing licensed employee will be required to work half of the time of a regular teaching contract.   Time scheduling will vary according to the three (3) instructional levels and as determined by the principal of the school in which job sharing takes place.
    5. Job sharing is only approved for a single contract year.   Job share teachers do not have an expectation of continued employment.
    6. Licensed employees who have participated in job sharing may be offered a full-time position in a subsequent school year.    When a job share is dissolved and the principal does not offer a full-time position in a subsequent school year, the employee may apply for posted positions as outlined in DP304 NEG – Teacher Transfers.
    7. Subject to the approval of the supervising principal, licensed employees in a job sharing position may trade working time with their partner or may substitute for each other at substitute wages.  In the event that one licensed employee resigns, the other licensed employee will assume the full job responsibility until a replacement can be hired. Such a licensed employee will receive the full-time contract rate during the interim.
    8. Hours of work that part time/job share employees are required to spend on assignments such as parent-teacher conferences, committee work, faculty meetings, etc., shall be prorated by the percentage of a full-time contract according District policy DP342 – Hours of Work - Licensed.
    9. Part time/job sharing licensed employees may qualify for professional development days according to District policy.
    10. Movement on the salary schedule will be according to District policy DP309 NEG – Salary.
    11. Part time/job sharing licensed employees will be subject to the same District policies, procedures, and assignments as any other licensed employee.  This includes educator evaluations as per District policy DP311 – Evaluation for Licensed Personnel.
    12. Licensed employees involved in part time/job sharing who desire health insurance benefits must pay one-half of the insurance premium with Jordan School District contributing the other half of the premium.  Those who do not wish to participate in the health insurance program will be required to sign a waiver.
    13. An employee who is employed at least half-time and who works in any one school year a number of days equal to or greater than one-half the number of work days specified for similar contracts shall be given one-year experience credit as outlined in DP309 NEG – Salary Guidelines. Employees working less than one-half the number of work days will receive no experience credit.

  • Effective: 2/9/1982
  • Revision: 6/10/2014

  1. Board Directive
    The Board recognizes the importance of an orderly process to arrive at negotiated settlements with the recognized exclusive representatives and bargaining agents of employee groups (licensed and classified, excluding administrators).  The Board, therefore, delegates to the Administration the responsibility of conducting good faith negotiations within the parameters set by the Board and reporting those negotiations to the Board.
  2. Administrative Policy
    The employee agent group is defined as the professional employee association with the largest membership based on full-time equivalent employees.  The Administration will recommend to the Board a negotiating team to represent the Board in conducting negotiations with recognized employee groups according to approved administrative policy provisions.

    1. The licensed employees will be represented through the Joint Relations Committee, which will be comprised of the Board’s negotiating team and the negotiating team for the licensed employee group.  Team membership will be established no later than October 1 of each school year.  The mission of the Joint Relations Committee is to enhance the professional employee association/District relationship by fostering open communication and a free exchange of ideas and to identify and resolve issues in a collaborative environment to allow us to provide a quality education for every child in Jordan School District.
    2. Regularly scheduled meetings (monthly) of the Joint Relations Committee (Licensed – Policy A3) and the District Advisory Council (Classified – Policy A3B) will be held to review and discuss policies, including compensation discussions, to begin no earlier than May 1 of each contract year.  Dates can be changed by mutual agreement.
    3. Formal negotiations meeting dates will be determined no later than May 1 of each contract year.
    4. Beginning with the first negotiating session, procedural agreements concerning negotiations will be mutually established.
    5. Changes in compensation and negotiated policy will be considered and finalized through the negotiation process.
    6. The District shall comply with Utah Code 53A-3-425 and will require reimbursement to the school district of the cost of paid association leave activities to the extent required by the Code.
    7. After June 15, if agreement has not been reached in negotiations, the Board or the employee agent group or both parties may declare an impasse.
    8. Immediately after declaration of impasse by either party, the Board will invite the employee agent group to participate in mediation using the services of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.  The role of the mediator will be to facilitate communication.  All costs associated with mediation will be shared equally by the Board and the employee agent group.
    9. If mediation is not completed or otherwise terminated within forty-five (45) days after the appointment of a mediator, further mediation may continue at the discretion of the Board.
    10. A negotiated agreement entered into by the Board will be posted on the District’s website within ten (10) days of ratification of the agreement.

  • Effective: 6/22/1976
  • Revision: 6/10/2014
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2013

  1. Board Directive
    Jordan School District will comply with federal law in relation to hours of work for all classified personnel.  The Board of Education directs the District Administration to establish policy respecting hours of work.
  2. Administrative Policy
    1. The established work week for all classified employees begins Monday at 12:01 a.m. and ends Sunday night at midnight.
    2. The maximum workweek by full-time classified employees at their regular rate of pay shall be forty (40) hours.
    3. Classified employees who fall under the guidelines of the Fair Labor Standards Act (personnel included on the classified master salary schedule) must be paid at one and one-half times the regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a work week or receive compensatory time off during the same or the successive pay period (first to last day of the month in which work is done) at the rate of one and one-half times the actual overtime worked during any workweek.  Only compensatory time will be considered hours worked for the purpose of calculating the 40-hour work week.
    4. All classified employees shall receive a minimum of two (2) hours call-back time at their regular rate of pay for any time they are required to return to work after their regularly scheduled work time.
      1. An employee is eligible for call-back time when he/she is called to return to work after his/her regularly scheduled contract.  The call to return to work is generally made outside the employee’s regularly scheduled contract (before or after) and is made with short notice to the employee. An extension of the work day is not considered call-back time.  This would include a request to extend an employee’s work day after the employee’s normal work time or a request for the employee to report to work prior to the employee’s normal work time.
      2. Employees who are called on an emergency basis to return to work shall be paid for actual travel time to and from work, up to a maximum of 15 minutes each way.  Travel time will be included in the two hour minimum call-back time.  If there are extenuating circumstances that require travel time longer than the 15 minute allocation, the principal or director must be notified and must approve the additional time.
      3. If an employee is eligible for call-back time and the amount of work required, including travel time, is less than two hours, the District, in its discretion, may require the employee to work the full two hours.  Mutual agreement of time worked must be made between the employee and supervisor at the time of the request.  The employee may waive the two hour call-back time and be paid for time worked and travel time only.
    5. Each classified employee shall complete a weekly time sheet which will indicate the number of hours worked each day of that workweek.  The time sheet shall be signed by the employee and his/her principal or director  and shall be maintained by the department supervisor.
    6. Any overtime work or call-back time shall be granted only upon the approval of the appropriate classified director or supervisor.
    7. A duty-free lunch period shall be provided for all classified employees scheduled to work more than five (5) hours per day.  An employee shall not be compensated for his/her lunch period and may not be accumulated for use at a later date.
      1. Classified employees may leave their assigned work site for their lunch period provided they receive prior approval from their immediate supervisor.
      2. Schedules to provide adequate coverage to meet specific program and site needs shall be designed and implemented at each site by the immediate supervisor or staff.
      3. Employees shall not be required to work longer than five (5) hours without rest and food.  At least 30 minutes must be provided for meals.
      4. Lunch periods may range from thirty (30) minutes to one (1) hour depending on the number of hours in the employee's work day.
    8. Classified employees shall be provided with a ten (10) minute duty-free break period for each four (4) hour period worked.
      1. Employees' minimum ten (10) minute rest periods are counted as time at work.
      2. Employees' ten (10) minute rest periods may not be accumulated for use at a later date.
    9. Employees who are required to work on the six (6) holidays listed below shall receive pay at the rate of time and one-half, and compensatory time will not be allowed.
      1. July 4
      2. July 24
      3. Thanksgiving Day
      4. Christmas Day
      5. New Year's Day
      6. Easter
    10. Flexible work hours may be established for classified employees if flexible work hours do not impede a department's ability to provide necessary services or they adversely affect department morale.  Requests for flexible work hours will be submitted to the department supervisor who will submit the request to the appropriate Administrator for Cabinet approval.  Requests for flexible work hours must be applied for and approved at the Cabinet level annually.
    11. Classified personnel may not perform work for or receive compensation from another employer during contract time with Jordan School District.
    12. The following disciplinary action shall be taken against employees who do not follow the above procedures:
      1. The immediate supervisor will confer with the employee.
      2. Reprimand shall be entered on the employee's personnel file.
      3. A five (5) day suspension without pay may be imposed in the next pay period.
      4. A second disregard of policy and/or procedure may result in immediate termination.